WATCH: Trapped Junkie’s hilarious attempts at getting out of car park is best thing you will see today

Watch this hilarious video of a stuck junkie trying to get out of a car park.

The woman believed to be in her 40s was hanging around a car-park in Glasgow when she realised she couldn’t get back out.

She tries to get passers by to help her but to no avail as she makes a terrible attempt at using an electrical box to boost her over.

A second junkie then appears like Batman on heroin and guides our hero to a hole under the fence.

But the hilarity doesn’t end there as the poor drug addict gets stuck as her pal tries to drag her out by the feet.

Despite the junkie high jinks the best part of the video is the soundtrack added by the absolute legend that filmed it.

It is not known how the woman got into the car-park in the first place.

You can watch the video here.

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