WATCH: sickening video shows moment man is stabbed in broad daylight

A shocking video shows the moment a young man being brutally stabbed in broad daylight on a South/East London street.

The teenager, who also had a knife, was chased by an older male before being tripped and stabbed.

The assault came only yards away from where 21-year-old David Darko was murdered almost exactly a year ago.

The victim was left lying in a pool of his blood by the hooded assailant before getting up and stumbling away without receiving any medical attention

A hunt has now been launched for the stabber who was caught on camera by a car full of teenage girls on Sunday afternoon.

TRAGIC: David was only 21

The 16 year old was seen being chased by his assailant in Norwood before he fell and was caught before having several stab wound inflicted on to his face, back and neck.

The girl in the car can be heard saying “did I just see what I think I saw?”.

The stabbing in the latest in a long line of recent stabbings since the turn of the year as London is rapidly becoming the most violent city in Europe as well as the knife and gun capital of the UK.

With more and more gangs popping all over the city of 10,000,000 people some areas are becoming no-go areas even for police.

Police and forensics attend to the scene in Norwood

The murder rate in London in 2016 was 14% up from the previous year, with a continuing rise of gun crime being to blame, and the first three months this year have already broke every record since they began.

But it is a worrying trend starting to develop in the sudden rise of again of knife crime with the number of stabbing deaths in London this year already more per-head than Glasgow in 2005 when it was the knife-capital of Europe.

The swelling population and rising cost of living is meaning many young people are growing up in a life of poverty and street-level gangs are becoming more and more common place even in areas once considered quite middle-class.

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