WATCH: Sick Rangers fan racially abusing Macedonian children

A video has surfaced online showing a sick Rangers fan racially abuse a group of young children in Macedonia.

Thousands of fans travelled to the country to take in the teams Europa League tie but among them was one sick bigot who decided to bully some tiny kids and post it online.

You can watch the video here but beware of some offensive language.

16 thoughts on “WATCH: Sick Rangers fan racially abusing Macedonian children”

  1. Hi is not a ranges fan he is fucking scum of the earth the police should deal before he fly’s back home

  2. whats your views on the GCU catholic chaplain holding a mass preaching hate regarding Saturday’s Pride march..

  3. I am surprised that anyone is shocked at this….. it is typical of the type and mild by their own low standards

  4. Should be reported to the local police & should be jailed when they land in Glasgow or any airport they land in fucking scum

  5. Get this idiot reported to police,banned from his supporters club and banned from travelling to any of our games home or abroad,we don’t need scum like him bringing our teams name through the gutter.

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