WATCH: Shocking moment bully woman attacks her boyfriend on a Glasgow bus

Domestic abuse is one of the saddest and most soul destroying crimes that will be taking place behind closed doors in communities throughout the country.

Victims are made to feel worthless and beaten and abused both physically and mentally.

But what do you do if see a domestic spat turn violent in public? At what point to people step in to help out?

If a guy was to start hitting his girlfriend in a public area then its probably more likely that someone would step in to at least try and cool the situation.

But when the tables are turned and its the man who is being bullied then it can be a bit a grey area for some people.

Footage has emerged online of a clearly irate woman, possibly a drug user, berating what is believed to her boyfriend on the back of a bus threatening him with violence and saying “I have been to jail for a fanny like you before and I will go to jail for a fanny like you again”.

She then jumps up and slaps into the man who doesn’t respond whatsoever and when he tries to ignore her by going on his phone she grabs it from him and holds out the moving bus window making him beg her not to drop it.

At one point you can even hear someone on the bus laughing- wonder if they wouldn’t be laughing if it was a woman on the receiving end of the abuse.

Of course the vast majority of domestic abuse are woman so not comparing the two but for no individual should have to go through that. Is there double standards with these issues? Let us know what you think.

Watch here.

Well this is just abuse not a fight!

Posted by JATV on Thursday, May 24, 2018


3 thoughts on “WATCH: Shocking moment bully woman attacks her boyfriend on a Glasgow bus”

  1. That’s disgusting! She should be in the jail, poor guy completely humiliate in public by this person, I hope she sees Thisbe video and is hanging her head in shame in a jail cell somewhere!!! You are better off without her mate, we’ll don even for not retaliating

  2. Y did no one say anything if this was a man hitting a woman then the full bus would stop and b in an up roar but y did they not for a man I’m totally disgusted……

  3. I am disgusted at this .if this was a guy the police would be all over it he would be remanded in a jail . What makes this acceptable !!! She wouldn’t get away with that towards another female as the bird would biff her !!! Imagine she was in charge of a child if this is how she treats a man she is meant to love😡😡😡 my blood was boiling watching this . Try this with. Female and see how far u would get you out and out coward . I hope this guy leaves her for another gentle kind female and not. A insecure mess like this

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