WATCH: Rangers fan sing banned sectarian song at Celtic Park

A video has appeared online showing Rangers fan rejoicing in yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Celtic by belting out an infamous banned anthem, deemed sectarian and illegal under local and international laws.

Rangers have previously been punished by Uefa for singing the anti-catholic song and it is also on the Scottish Governments list of banned songs.

It is thought the old favourite was belted by the near 10,000 away support after Clint Hill scored and unlikely equaliser after Rangers trailed their city rivals for most of the game.

It is not yet known if the SFA or UEFA or indeed Police Scotland will act upon the video nasty or even if Rangers might speak out against it.

The Ibrox giants have made efforts and great strides in their attempts to stamp bigotry out and have just recently appointed Pedro Caixinha as manager and he will be their 2nd catholic manager- something unthinkable around 25/30 years ago.

Do you think the club should be punished for this ? If so should the club take action on the fans responsible?

Let us know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “WATCH: Rangers fan sing banned sectarian song at Celtic Park”

  1. Why do you not have a video of the celtic fans singing pro Terrorism songs again the vultures circle Rangers fan’s singing a song that is about protecting our country a long time ago.

  2. No mention of the Celtic fans in balaclavas with their terrorist poses etc. Only the big bad rangers fans singing a song. This piece is a joke a bit like the spelling and puntuation in it.

  3. What about the anti British songs supporting Ira terrorist , quite convienant you don’t mention that but no surprise !!!!

  4. When was this song banned and by whom. Ill informed media like your rag states on a regular basis that the song is banned but can’t provide evidence or proof to back that up.
    The SFA, UEFA, FIFA, SPFL and even the court of law have NEVER issued a ban on this or any other song sung on the terraces of British football and the Scottish Governmdnt AKA The Scottish Nasty Party issued a list of songs that they would rather not hear from the terraces but did not, and still don’t have the authority to issue a ban.
    Deal in facts instead of hearsay, lies and fairy stories and maybe you will eventually earn the respect of the Scottish (especially Rangers) fans.

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