WATCH: Mhairi Black tells Tory MP “you talk sh*te hen” during heated debate

Since a tidal-wave of SNP MP’s were elected to the Westminster parliament in 2015 they have been building a reputation as the real and most effective opposition to the ruling Tory party.

In among the 50+ nationalist MP’s who marched with Nicola to London there has been one that has stood out even among the very capable talents in the ranks.

The elected member for Paisley and Renfrewshire Mhairi Black also happens to be the youngest MP in the whole of the British Parliament but she hasn’t let that hold her back with a string of impressive performances.

And at yesterdays big budget debate she once again never let the side down in what was probably her most Scottish response to date.

As a Tory MP was talking about welfare and benefits 22-year-old Black could be seen mouthing “You talk sh*te hen.”

It’s not the first time Mhairi, who first came to prominence during the referendum on Scottish Independence in 2014, has went on the viral on the net.

Her maiden speech was watched by millions on YouTube and travelled all over the world and back as her unapologetic Scottish style and strong principles endeared her to almost anybody who seen it.

And this latest clip will only add to her growing cult like status…..

A future First Minister of an Independent Scotland ?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Never change Mhairi.


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