WATCH: Man fumigates shop with Fire Extinguisher after being refused service.

There is nothing worse than running out of fags and having to hoof to the all night garage, only to be refused service.

But this hooded thug took it too far by assaulting a shop keeper with fumes from a fire extinguisher after apparently being refused.

The incident happened at the all night garage after an altercation between the pair over the shop workers refusal to hand over a packet of 10 cigarettes to man apparently called Les.

After repeatedly asking for the cigarettes and trying to gain the cashiers attention by banging the window he waits until he approaches the window before surprising him with the extinguisher he was holding out of sight.

Being egged on and encouraged by the man filming the incident he stuck the nozzle through the service portal and proceeded to fumigate the whole shop area with the anti-flame chemicals.

After fumigating the shop the hooded man and the man videoing both run away giggling but making sure their faces aren’t on camera.

It’s not clear, however, if the shopkeeper is actually refusing the man service or if it is just an excuse for a cruel prank and ruining the workers night.

The video surfaced on Facebook page “Wayne Phillips Vines” which posts prank videos and are known to encourage people to commit acts that will help their videos go viral.

What do you think ? Should the jokers face a police investigation ? Or was the shopkeeper out of order refusing to sell the man fags?

Let us know in the comments.


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