Man drives GHA van into rival after street square go in Glasgow

A man has been filmed driving a GHA van into another man after a street fight in a Glasgow housing scheme.

The video posted on social media appears to show a fight between 2 men in the middle of the street in broad day light.

Another man shows up in a van marked with the Glasgow Housing Association logo.

Before you know it the three men are involved in a rammy before two of the men get back in the van and go to drive of.

But as they go to drive off the man they have been fighting with starts mouthing off- so they turn back and ram the van into the tracksuited victim as neighbours and passers-by scream with shock.

Facebook removed the video, which is thought to have been filmed in the north of Glasgow on Thursday,earlier in the day but it soon reappeared on Twitter.

You can watch here. Glasgow Gospel: Man hits rival with GHA van. 

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