WATCH: Hilarious moment drunk girl gets leg stuck in a traffic cone

We have all been there at the end of a night out when we have been tanning back WKDs and everyone starts getting a bit excitable and doing daft stuff.

Bit what started as a practical joke turned into a nightmare for this girl after she got her feet stuck in a traffic cone outside trendy SWG3 in the west-end.

Even after security, stewards and foot-in-cone experts tried their best to free the foot the cone just wouldn’t budge for anyone- leaving the victim in a fit of rage and her friends in a fit of laughter.

After all the effort she just gave up and hopped away in to the night resigning herself to a life with a traffic cone stuck wedged to her foot- at least she will only be half price on all her favourite shoes from now on.

Luckily among the heartache and hilarity one of her good-pals managed to record the full thing on her phone in three parts- and you can watch all three below

We can confirm that the girl eventually was freed and didn’t have to have her leg amputated (we think.)

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