WATCH: Group of men join together to catch kids jumping from burning building (This is INSANE)

A group of men formed a human chain to save a group of children who had to jump from a house fire.

The flats caught on fire and quickly became filled with smoke leaving the kids with no other option but to jump out the window.

Locals quickly rallied round to save the kids by giving them a soft landing by all coming together to form a human mattress.

The kids, thought to be aged between 8 and 14, were in the 3-up flat when is set on fire.

You can see from the video and pictures that captured the dramatic moment the thick black smoke coming bellowing out of the window.

The intense encounter was filmed and posted on to Facebook and Twitter.

One of the top comments say “every one of these men deserve awards”.

A knighthood possibly ?

Watch below.

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