WATCH: Glasgow gran’s reaction to finding lost cat is the best thing you will watch today

Anyone who has ever lost a pet will the know the feeling of heartache and worry at what could have happened to them all alone in the big bad world.
For one Glasgow woman losing her cat was like losing a family member and she hadn’t slept for a week such was her concern about where the pet had got to- had it been stolen, lost, or worse?
But on Friday her grandson Benjamin McKinlay received a phone-call from someone saying they had found the cat – and right enough there it was- so Ben went and picked up the cat and surprised his gran with the good news.
And-as you do these days- he filmed it for Twitter.
He said: “My gran lost her cat a week ago, someone just phoned to say they had found him, this is my grans reaction”. Enjoy.

The post has been re-tweeted over 47,000 times and liked by quarter of a million people. Prompting chancer Ben to ask: “Here troops who’s got a gaff in Glasgow”

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