WATCH: Gerry Cinnamon offer fan square go after getting hit by pint

You can take the boy out of Castlemilk…….

Gerry Cinnamon has been quickly making a name for himself as the most popular singer in Scotland with sell out shows all over the country.

But if you do go to one of his shows it would be best advised not to throw a pint on stage.

The housing scheme boy has never shyed away from his roots and when someone threw a pint of beer at him during one of his shows he let it rip.

He told the pint thrower “Come up here then ya f*cking dafty”

Before telling the Aberdeen crowd that he would give free tickets for life to anyone who “smashes” anyone they seen throwing a pint.

Brave of him to basically offer out a whole crowd for a square go…. but then if we had 300 Castlemilk punters at our back then we might be a bit bold as well.

You can watch here:

1 thought on “WATCH: Gerry Cinnamon offer fan square go after getting hit by pint”

  1. Another one of the Kings-Canute-had problems too when the tide turned. The difference here is that the Castlemilk native just seems to continually behave like a poorly-reared petulant pup. Rules mean nothing to him. That inbred sense of entitlement coupled with unruly traits of the school ground bully contradict the Ibrox facade of righteousness, decency etc etc. One reads in local papers of ordinary people being harshly penalised in court for minor discrepancies, yet a vainglorious lout tramples all over social regulation. It beggars belief that the well paid incumbents of Hampden are unwilling to reign in this loose cannon. Yet it is not the duty of Celtic alone to ask questions. Belated whining from other participants in Scottish football should be scorned. There is a two-way means of communication between these participants and the SFA. I would advise that they,as a collective, pool all monies due to Hampden into a holding pot. Then, only when the authorities are seen to act with fairness, without favour, should any dues be released to them.

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