WATCH: Crazed Buckfast drinking Scotsman tries to EAT wild pheasant

A bizarre video has surfaced online of a drunk man trying to EAT  a wild pheasant as onlookers scream “Put that f*cking pheasant down you c*nt”

The man with a north-of-Scotland accent was apparently on 3-day Buckfast binge when the incident took place this Sunday.

The smiling drunk stuffs the whole lifeless bird in his mouth as a pal filming claims “Sundays have gone too far.”

The bird doesn’t move during the whole clip as he eventually pulls it back out of his mouth and gives it a big sloppy kiss.

It is unclear from the video if any harm was brought to the pheasant, however it is presumed the jokers found it already dead as roadkill on the country road.

Only in Scotland……

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