WATCH: Brave schoolgirl with alopecia fight back against two bullies who ripped off her artificial hair

A teenage bully victim who suffers from alopecia was attacked by two cruel bullies desperate to ‘expose’ her baldness as a group of laughing schoolgirls watched on and filmed.

But 13-year-old Holly Mills managed to pluck up the courage and strength to fight back against the two cowards after the expensive hair piece was removed.

Pretty Holly’s life has been made hell by the vicious group of girls who use her illness to pick on and humiliate her.

The Blantyre teen has had to give up all social media’s and doesn’t even own a mobile phone in a bid to avoid cruel taunts about her hair.

The group of bullies have been spreading lies about shy Holly at their high school with cruel taunts, name calling and physical violence.

They also tell other pupils to avoid her at all costs.leaving Holly with very few friends and with classmates refusing to include her in any activities, pair up with her for class work or even sit next to her.

Meaning she embarrassingly has to do any group tasks with a teacher as no other classmates want to get close to her.

Beautiful: The naturally pretty teenager with her hair piece that was destroyed in the fight.

Holly, who has had alopecia since she was seven and lost her hair at the age of 9, finally snapped when she was attacked by the bullies as she was walking through a local park alone at the weekend.

At first the brave teen tries desperately to hold on to her hair as the bully throws her to ground and attempts to yank it off.

But when her hair is eventually ripped from her head she decided there was no other option but to fight back and easily over powers her tormentor and lands a string of punches to her face.

On seeing this a 2nd bully tries to intervene to help her friend and throws a punch at Holly as the other girl is on the ground, but our brave hero easily fends off the challenge.

Despite winning the fight her expensive hair piece was torn to shreds leaving her unable to cover the baldness that her condition causes.

This has meant she hasn’t been back to her school since and is now dreading the summer holidays.

The video of the fight was also posted online anonymously before being picked up by Holly’s cousin Becca Smith who said: “My little cousin is the girl that gets completely wronged in this video, Holly Mills. She’s a beautiful and kind hearted girl who shouldn’t of been taken advantage of like this. I want the names of every little vile boy or girl involved and especially those who videod as if it’s some sort of joke. Bullying makes me sick and pushes me to the next level when it comes to FAMILY. If anyone who knows any info could mail me and please feel free to share. DISGUSTING”.

You can watch the full video if the fight here

My little cousin is the girl that gets completely wronged in this video, Holly Mills. She's a beautiful and kind hearted…

Posted by Becca Smith on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

After the video went viral a GoFundMe page was launched by BeccaΒ that has already raised more than the Β£500 target.

Many commentators have been supportive of the kind hearted and shy teen and telling her beautiful she is inside and out, but the 13-year-old refuses to believe any compliments and say they are “just being nice.”

135 thoughts on “WATCH: Brave schoolgirl with alopecia fight back against two bullies who ripped off her artificial hair”

  1. Honey you are beautiful & that is why you are being bullied. The cowards who are instigating this behaviour towards you are intimidated by how pretty you are. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have hair,. Don’t ever stop sticking up for yourself. πŸ’•β€οΈ

    1. It’s fucking sick to see people go this low to bully someone and when someone just sits there and films it makes me so mad! I know you might just think we are being nice but it’s not just that! We genuinely feel for you that you had to go through something so terrible! We think your so strong for standing up for yourself and we all stand with you! You are an inspiration to us all

    2. Cowards is the only word that can describe that well done for not letting them win u beat her up i dont agree but what can hollie do apart from defend herself when u poke a dog it will bite somepoint and hope they get what they deserve scumbags every single one of them it was probally just one or two who did have a problem the rest are worse for just following to join in and videoing thats were yous look silly!!! and hollie u are alot pritty than the rest of them pal u are a spacial girl but will have a better life than them they are just jealouse of u well god bless. Henry wilbraham kilbirnie ayrshire

  2. Good for here don’t know why people think it’s funny to bully anyone let alone somebody with a condition like this as if she doesn’t have enough struggles in life yet when she gets the better of the bully the other pal wants it stopped she should have done a lot more damage to her when she was on top

    1. Bullies are cowards You are a beautiful girl they are all jealous of you, but what annoys me is the rest of your school and what’s the school doing about it

  3. I am so ashamed of those young girls, to treat another human being in such a disgusting manner is awful. I am sure now you are famous for your vile behaviour thag your parents must be so proud of you.

    Well done Holly for sticking up for yourself. It must be so hard to deal with this, i only hope you find the inner strength to realise you are a much better person than.

  4. I am so ashamed of those young girls, to treat another human being in such a disgusting manner is awful. I am sure now you are famous for your vile behaviour that your parents must be so proud of you.

    Well done Holly for sticking up for yourself. It must be so hard to deal with this, i only hope you find the inner strength to realise you are a much better person than they ever will be.

  5. I have had alopicia since I was 17 am now 64 be proud of who you are I am glad there was no social media then as there is only so much abuse a person can take before they crack .you are a beautiful girl, hold your head high and always be positive and carry yourself forward in life. Love and best wishes to you. xx

  6. I am so sorry you had to go through this Holly. As a fellow Alopecian I know exactly how hard it is to deal with but this attack on you is absolutely disgusting. I hope they receive the punishment & humiliation they deserve. Well done you for standing up to these bullies. I wish you could see the support your are getting on Facebook, you are absolutely stunning & you should always remember you are the stronger person. If you are not already in contact, I would encourage you to contact Alopecia UK who are a fantastic support. Lots of love from a fellow Alopecian , Angie X

    1. look into hair loss and mites, I had a dog that got mange after being lost and then at the vets clinic for a few days… took a while for me to realize what was wrong, I bought flea medications but couldn’t see any on her, all sorts of creams and oatmeal soap etc. then I discovered it was mange and mange is caused by mites and then I read that the scabies my brother and I had as boys was also caused by mites and then I read that they have recently discovered that almost everyone with male pattern baldness and Alopecia have the mites in their hair follicles too…..we all have them and all over us, they are microscopic and normally don’t bother us or animals unless we are under stress or have a lack of nutrition…..just the same as lost or stray pets go through and the same as some of us go through….the cure for it, or one cure is a product I bought after talking with my chemist and getting him to look into it was Lime Sulphur and I got enough to make four gallons for about $12 off Amazon…shipped to my door…..I dabbed the dog with it and I doused my own head and face because I have had a rash that develops all in my beard and hair if I don’t keep clean shaven and half my eyebrows have gone and my brother that had the scabies also has the same rash and we tried everything for it with no luck, except cortisone cream helps….my brother had said that he believed it was caused by some little bugs or something…..he must have read something that clued him in….I still haven’t told him that he was right….check into it, the lime sulphur stinks like rotten eggs but it doesn’t hurt you, I slept all night with it all over my head….there are videos of it on you tube, lime sulphur dip they call it….if it works a lot of people will be helped but they have to find out.

    2. hope they get named and shamed evil well done to you for standing up to them your a bautifull girl princess xxx

  7. This totally destroyed me watching this how those stupid little girls stood and watched them doing that to her they should be disgusted with themselves Holly don’t let the basdards get you down!! Your entitled to a real hair wig on the NHS please go to the doctors or please contact me I will buy you one xxxxxxxx

    1. I’ve never stood and watched stuff like this. It’s got me punched in the face a bit but I’m pretty chill with that. Fight back and f them up.

  8. How horrible are they grrr . Hun you are gorgeous with or without your hair that is what those girls are jealous of and envy you because they will never be half the person you are . Dont let them win stay strong and you keep being who you are . X

  9. This absolutely disgusting! Why does it matter to anyone else what Holly has on her head, she just wants to be like every other teenager and apart from having different hair to the others she achieves this! They should care about what people are like on the inside not on the out!!! What sad lives they must have to find this kind of thing right and fun to do… where are their parents in all of this have they not taught them how to behave towards others…….Keep going Holly you will win in the end!

  10. Fucking little bastards. I’d love to meet their parents and ask them what they think of their weans doing this!! πŸ€›πŸ» This boils my fuckin blood so much!!
    Good on ye hen for fighting back and making the bully look like a fanny. I’m sure her and her pals won’t be in any rush to try that to you again.

  11. I’m not just being nice ur gorgeous with and without ur hair which not many people could say and ur brave as for the lassies that done this to u there evil and sad loosers thats plain to see X

  12. Absolutely disgusted in this discrimination my 9 year old son has been recently diagnosed with the condition and has just come to terms with it…….people are that insecure about their own insecurities they thinks its clever to pick on and bully others to make them feel good and take the limelight off them….well glad she fought back very proud of her to stand up for herself… daughter been in same situation but for a different reason…..she stood up for herself and she was the one protrayed in the wrong till i showed all the evidence and screen shots on my phone…..soon stopped. I do not condone bullying in any form, victim myself when i was a teenager harder now im a parent that has a child that went through it….x

  13. Evil wee thugs. Theirs mothers and fathers must be really proud of them. Every person seeing that actually happening and who didn’t intervene are cowards and ought to be ashamed. Get the police and social workers involved. These wee bitches need to be taught a harsh lesson.

  14. You are gorgeous honey I am not just being nice I have a cousin who has alopecia and girl you are gorgeous and brave!

  15. Bloody hell. Well done. I have alopecia. .I kicked a boy in the nuts after he mocked me ..15 years ago.
    Love it.#courage #fighter xxx don’t give bullies the satisfaction x

  16. The bullies AND their pals should be named and shamed! Little cows who should be expelled from their school for what they have done.

  17. The vile bitches should have their heads shaved as punishment.
    Bullying too often goes unpunished.
    She is a beautiful girl with or with our hair.
    Bless you sweetheart.

  18. Vile wee cretins deserve what they got. Trying to embarrass Holly. I hate bullying!!!
    Holly i know you are hurting inside. No matter what you look like. You will always be beautiful inside and out. Believe in yourself hen. See what others see in you πŸ˜‰ xxx

  19. What are the school doing regards this 2 on one attack . The pscho hate behind the sick attackers… bullying. …. is allowed. Holly make this viral . Stand up in front of theschool and tell them about your torment the calculated hate of these sick individuals. Bullies hate being pointed out in public… they lose power. And other will be relived that something is being said. Sadly they will love to New pastures. Evil is commonplace … because it is allowed. Not by us or your supporters. Warriors say the truth. Xx

  20. What the fuck is wrong with the world today?? I tell you that must be a mega proud mum moment to see your child behave like an animal then get the ficking kicking she deserves and yes two wrongs don’t make a right, but it’s obviously a belief to these horrible little children that clearly because she wears a hairpiece that I might add, half the girls in Glasgow wear on a regular basis along with the Kermit the frog eyebrows, but they must think because she is a little bit different and not a towie clone like them she’s a ficking muppet who won’t defend herself, so good on yourself Holly for facing the bullies and beating them. I’m loosing my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows I have one and a half just now and love being different. Never really been one to follow the flock, so don’t worry about what others think if they’re talking about you it’s coz their own lives are empty and shit. Don’t let them have any more of your head space they’re not worth it xxx

  21. Are the girls directly involved brave enough to shave their heads for a month?
    Not as punishment, but to gain some understanding of how other are forced to deal with medical conditions they have no control over.

  22. You are beautiful with or without hair. I’m not just saying this. I have two daughters both lost all their hair. One of them it grew back. The other lost her hair aged 11 and she still has alopecia. She’s 27 now, married has plenty of friends is confident and has two lovely children. I’m sure she would be happy if you wanted to contact her I would bring the video to the police notice as the girls attacked you and damaged your hair. I would consider changing schools if the school were not prepared to do anything about these bullies

  23. Broke my heart watching this. Proud of her for standing her ground!.
    Dont let fools destroy you.
    Beautiful girl xxx

  24. watched the vid and hope these girls are named and shamed,… and i,m not being nice, or feeling sympathy,.. but even without ur wig you have a very pretty face,. Bullies are nothing but cowards, who can only look smart with friends behind them, …

    1. Honestly I wish she would have gotten more shots in on the bully that ripped her hair off. Hope the bullies parents see this video.

  25. She never gave them enough there nasty little street rats and a hope that they may lose there own here the girls will never stand in her shoes she’s beautiful and don’t needs hair to prove it

  26. I hope these bits of scum yes you are scum get what’s coming to you all cowards if I see you in the street I will spit on you. Hope your parents see this video

  27. I feel sick watching this i have a young daughter and this would kill me if anything like this happend, the youn girl in this video should be proud of herself for standing up to these bullies , well done darling, i hope they rott in hell, their mums and dads will be sick when they see this, you should never have had to be in this situation , who is the person videoing this they should be named and shamed, keep your head up you are a beautifull young girl with your whole life ahead things like this will make you stronger, #ihatebullies

  28. Well done Holly, it’s good to see the bullies get their just desserts. I hope they are dealt with legally.
    P.S. When people call you beautiful they are not “just being nice” , they are stating fact x

  29. Well done for fighting back they are just so jealous you are stunning keep fighting see how it was stopped wen you were beating the crap out of that bitch u stand up girl and be counted don’t take no more crap

  30. Horrible people hope they get caught and dealt with just jealous of girls stunning looks hope she gets many friends so sad feel for her ps a would like to donate some funds

  31. Holly u r a beautiful gorgeous girl, don’t let those ugly ugly people get to u, they’re just jealous of u. Well done for sticking up for urself. B proud and hold ur hear up high xx

  32. Holly you are a beautiful gorgeous girl, don’t let those ugly ugly people get to you, they’re just jealous of you. Well done for sticking up for urself. B proud and hold ur head up high xx

  33. As a alopecia sufferer. .I totally understand this girls reaction…the fear and aniexty she would have been feeling before the attack would have poured out..afterwards..I went through this on weekly basis at shool…afterwards and this has brought back so many scars…god bless her…β™‘

  34. The thirteen year old is a pretty girl who has had enough of being bullied.
    And has snapped as she can’t take anymore , this will mabe teach the bullies a lesson and think twice before bullying anyone else , kids are cruel and will do anything to be popular even if it resorts to hurting others . Well done to the thirteen year old girl who stood up for herself xxxxxx

  35. Brave girl deserves a medal, those girls are vile and discusting they deserve to go to prison laughing at what they done. Bullying her its horrible. I hope they catch them n they get what they deserve vile cunts. I believe she did the right thing fighting back. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  36. With or without the wig your a beautiful young girl who as everyrhing them bully’s don’t have keep your head held high and your going further than they will #proudtohavesomeonelikeyouintheworld

    ❀ ❀❀❀

  37. Don’t let anyone put you down life is to short to put up with small minded people , had a friend with the same condition but he didn’t let the bullies win don’t you proud of you battering that bitches face in she need put down

  38. Holly I’m so sorry you have to deal with this sort of s*@t. You really are an incredibly pretty chick and need not worry about what these a+Γ—*holes have to say. I dare say it’s everyone else that loses out by not hanging with you as you are clearly a very proud, strong willed young lady. I never condone fighting but well done you, kicking that bully’s arse for her. Sending you big love from Western Australia!

  39. Well done you brave girl, you shouldn’t have to put up with cruel, ignorant idiots, I hope they get what coming to them.

  40. What a beautiful young lady you are holly mills and such a brave one at that for standing up to those discustingly vile bullies ! I hope there parents are proud of what there children have turned out to be…

  41. Hi
    Poor girl to go through this.
    Ive got a daughter and son and if i see this id be so devastated.
    This behaviour is the most dreadful ive seen and ive seen alot.
    I feel i need to help her as her confidence must be at its lowest with these vermin.
    If theres a pledge id give Β£10 to help pay towards her hair piece and im sure social media can help as well.
    Sorry to hear this and i hope and pray her life becomes better and please arrest these low lifes.

  42. So pleased to see Holly was able to stand up for herself , these bullies should be reported to the police and the police should speak to the girls and also go into the school of the girls and lecture all pupils on bullying. There should be a law on bullying as what happened to Holly was assault and she was defending herself. Holly you are a beautiful and lovely looking young lady and I wish you all the best for the future. xx

  43. You are such a beautiful young lady, and those bullies deserved everything they got. Be proud of yourself my sweetheart, they are just jealous that although they have hair they will never be as beautiful as you. ❀❀❀❀❀

  44. I’ll buy you a new wig if you want to get in touch. I hate bullies. My brother suffered the same as you and I beat the bully for him.

  45. god girlie , those girls are well ugly !!!! wish i could look half as pretty as you even without hair ! you have a natural beauty , those horrid little cows are just jealous of you , hold your head up high, i know it must be so so hard for you but you honestly are very pretty ………………… well beautiful !!!! x

  46. I feel sickened and sorry that we live in a society with far too many individuals who think and behave like these girls.
    Every single one of them, not just the two who committed the attack, every individual who was a party to this, whether attacking, watching or filming – YOU ARE A DISGRACE to yourself, your parents and your community.
    You are NOT FIT to be breathing the same air as Holly, NOT FIT to walk the same path.
    I’m of the opinion your parents should be facing criminal charges too.
    You are all HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE people.
    To Holly – well done. It is not easy to defend yourself against an aggressor. You did much more, you defeated, not one, but to aggressors in the physical sense, but several others too, all those witnessing that assault who were there in support of the aggressors. That took courage and inner strength.
    You are beautiful and courageous. Your school and wider community should be behind you, supporting you in all that you do. You will achieve great things. Those thugs won’t.
    I wish you well in life. Take care.

  47. this is where the police should be charging those beasts with assault and making or jailing there parents or whatever they were brought up with and fling them in a jail cell . if you are the parent of one of those beasts you should be ashamed of what you have made .

  48. You should be so proud of yourself πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ You beat the bullies 😈 and still conducted yourself and remained classy X

    Go Hollie x

  49. Be strong. You done well fighting back. Name and shame the girls involved. Anyone in your school who doesn’t want to go to class with you should be ashamed of themselves. Good luck in whatever you do pal.

  50. Well done Holly. It’s good to show people that you won’t tolerate their poor treatment of you. I totally condemn the actions of the people who did this however, I think calling them names is just bullying too. Adults especially should know better, bullies tend to suffer from a poor self image of themselves and low self esteem and your name calling just compounds this.

  51. NICE!! Get them kicked in the face some more, they deserve it. but maybe a bit harder next time, that kick didn’t look like it did any damage.

  52. You go girl arse hole got what she deserved it’s nothing to do with the alopecia she’s just so jealous of you because your a good looking wee lassie and she’s a dog good on you for standing up for yourself she’ll think twice before coming back that’s the only way she could make herself look good by trying to bring you down but you got the last laugh. KEEP YOUR HEAD HIGH DOLL YOUR BETTER THAN ANY OF THAT SCUM .XX

  53. Good for you Holly.
    Don’t ever ever be afraid of them little witches again.
    People bully because their ignorant, they’ll be the bums in life, you’re a beautiful girl and you’ll succeed in life. .
    Well done for smacking the little rat!!!

  54. It’s absolutely disgraceful what these girls done and those videoing it are even worse. Holly you are a very beautiful girl inside and out even without your hair. These girls should never of done this to you and I sincerely hope they are found and punished to the fullest for their actions and those who videoed it are punished for their part take in it too. If these were my children i would be absolutly disgusted with them and not only make them fully apologise to you publicly, in person but would also take everything that they took for granted away from them and make them volunteer to look after people with your condition. Holly please remember that no matter what anybody says that you are a beautiful independent young lady and are capable of absolutely anything you want too in life and will always be better than these bullies.

  55. These girls and those filming it should be ashamed of themselves. Well done for defending yourself you will always be a million time prettier than these bullies. ❀

  56. Good for you girl , give as good as you get , those bullys are the scum of the earth , you are worth a million times more than those girls and they know it , there just jealous of you , they look in the mirror and don’t like what they see , but you can cause beauty comes from within and you have a beautiful personality witch is something they don’t x

  57. You are beautiful inside n out n theses horrible people are bloody mindless n dam right stupid n will one day face there own karma good for you sticking up for yourself iam proud of you , you go girl the world’s your oyster much respect xxx a parent xxx😊😊

  58. Well done for fighting back, I hate bullies.
    You are a beautiful young lady, with or without a wig. The reason for this is beauty comes from within. I feel for you as loosing your hair being female is utterly heart breaking. I lost all mine at 23 due to cancer, I used a wig for nearly a year, went for a shower after a camping weekend and met up with my friends in the pub. Only to realise I had left my wig off! Everyone commented how lovely I looked with short hair (it was very very short) . I was mortified, but that was also my turning point. I realised my friends liked and loved me for who I was not what I looked like. Leave it off, let your scalp breathe, be at ease with yourself and you will find out who your true friends are. Love and respect xx

  59. The wee girl is beautiful with her hair and without it…those other kids acted like scum…shame on them..hope their mums shave their heads to teach them a lesson…disgusted …id donate towards a wig for that wee girl be humiliated like that physically and mentally is horrible…shame on those bullies they look like total fannies….

  60. The absolute figure on you Holly!! Not even going to try and convince you about hair not being important as I lost my brows through stress and the bullying from that and daily embarrassment drawing them on is enough to make me believe I’m not beautiful so I have no idea how alopecia on my hair would feel. You are stronger than most 13yo and my lord, you already have a body many girls and women would be jealous of! That’s what these girls are I assure you! Jealous jealous jealous and I’m not a person to say anything just to “be nice”. Believe me babe when I say that school feels like your whole entire world when you’re there I know, but I swear to you if you can just stay strong for a little while longer, you’ll get to come out of there into the proper world with big people just like us who have a wider perspective on life and these cowbags will be the ones lonely, no good prospects and zero loyal friends. Hold your head up high and remember, you are better than they will ever be xoxox

  61. My niece has alopeia and she is also beautiful just like u I’m sorry people have to be so mean I’m so proud you should have been stopped before it had gotten that far

  62. Holly, what a beautiful brave woman you are, well done for defending yourself. Most importantly, have you reported the attack to the police? If these nasty thugs don’t get dealt with by the law, next time they may attack someone who is less able to defend herself as bravely as you did, they are plain, simple criminal thugs and need proper punishment

  63. Well done for sticking up for your self I hate bullies I know exactly how u feel,don’t listen to them,your such a beautiful girl,they r just jealous of you stay strong xxx

  64. Why would these horrible little girls do this .. keep your wana be hood rats in doors .. educate them as to why this girl doesn’t have her hair .. and I read she doesn’t think she is beautiful .. a message to you young lady people only bully people who they no they can .. the reason for it is jealousy .. so you clearly have something they jealous of .. stay smiling stay strong .. you future is bright .. sadly I cant say the same for the other 2 but I hope they learn from this and change there ways while they are still young .

  65. the girl who started it should wash her hair and not think she is s ticket in front of a crowd because clearly it didn’t work out for her , sad individual #GOHOLLY

  66. The nasty horrible bullies need shaming and naming then taken to the local police station. There’s no excuse whatsoever for this despicable behaviour. How on earth would they feel is they witnessed their sister, brother or someone they love being tormented in this way…. Its almost unbearable to watch and I can’t begin to think how humiliating this stunningly beautiful young lady feels. On the flip side of the coin I do believe the bullies are very envious of Holly as they’ll never ever have the inner beauty Holly has. Keep your head up sweetheart your PERFECT❀️

  67. Nasty nasty girls if it was one if mine I would shave their hair off and take all their privileges away so cruel. Well done Holly for having the courage to stand up to these bullies. You look prettier than them even withiut hair xx

  68. Good for you Holly, you ought to get the Police involved and name and shame all of the bullies including the ones watching. The school should also be named and shamed, I don’t understand why the bullying and what is obvious segregation in classes has not been dealt with. You are a beautiful girl and shouldbe proud of how you look.

  69. I’m a father of 3 and my kids have done some stupid things to themselves when it comes to cutting there hair and dressing up, but I’ve said nothing, your beautiful and don’t let no one tell you any different , they had a shock when you fought back, cause jealousy is a heart breaking thing that people can’t come to terms with, karma is a wonderful thing , and so is beauty , so treat it like a spot, after a while it goes away , ❀️❀️

  70. Well done beautiful girl, you don’t have a problem they do, always remember this verse:- BALD IS BEAUTIFUL GOD MADE SO MANY PERFECT HEADS THE REST HE COVERED IN HAIR!!!!!! Think positive xxxx

  71. your a stunningly beautiful girl you don’t need hair unlike the cretins that picked on you now they are ugly inside and out on a positive when they pulled your hair it hurt your feelings when you pulled theirs it hurt their head ..there’s always a positive

  72. This literally made me cheer her on as if she were my own sister… I watch plenty of mma and i felt incredibly satisfied seeing that stupid worthless little bitch get her ass beatba can’t believe how unbelievably evil people can beat and kicked in the face. I wish she had gotten a few more kicks in on that ugly little brats face, as it would probably be an improvement for her.. After seeing her walk off, the look on her face expressing complete frustration and sadness, made me literally cry with tears pouring down my face. Im a 29 year old guy and i have not cried in over a year. I feel so upset for her, she is a brave, beautiful woman and she handled herself perfectly. Never let anyone put their hands on you sweetheart and dont listen to them, they hate themselves inside and are miserable people if they get off by bullying a poor girl for having a condition that she probably thinks and worries about daily. She is my spirit animal/person

  73. Reading this story has made me cry . Then I watched the video and cried some more but they were happy tears . Fair play to you . There jealous of how nice you look with a wig on how butiful your hair looks next to them . There stinking little tramps ! If people in th school still decide to follow the trashy skankey lil tramps after all this has come out . Then they are just as bad . We all do things to make us feel better wear extensions makeup exetra . Don’t feel ashamed of who you are if the wigs make you feel better then you wear them ! If they didn’t know about your condition they wouldn’t of knows it was a wig . One day you will have a lovely life and they will probably be on benefits with 10 kids thy can’t handle πŸ˜‚ no man to be seen . You though you will make something of yourself and you will see that school is just a pre life thing ! Best of luck for the future in everything you do when you leave school. Keep tiring up do your work and you will go far xxxxx

  74. You are so brave and bloody beautiful even with out the hair babe! Don’t let them tramps ruin it for You, go and have fun make new friends that are human and not well what ever they are. Thinking of you all from Leicester xxx

  75. Ha! I’m so proud that she kicked the poop out of the vile, vile thing (not girl) she stood her ground picked up her BEAUTIFUL hair piece and walked off with her head held high. Fair bloody play to the girl! You go baby cakes. Don’t ever let anyone disprespect you like that xx

  76. Good girl you should stand up for yourself I’m so proud of you don’t ever let anyone tell you your not beautiful because you are lots of love xx

  77. Might just be that the ugly fucks are raging with envy. Should of kicked the first attackers face in. Not so brave when she was on a loser. Took her evil mates to dig her out of the shit she got herself in. Horrible shits & cowards.
    Good on you girl.

  78. Darling you are a beautiful young lady and them girls are bullies and bloody cowards you keep standing up for yourself never run away from cowards like them they are nothing but piece’s of shit and karma will get them back .
    You stay strong and true to yourself ok
    Well done for protecting yourself self defence its called !!!!!

  79. This is from somebody who was bullied at school I know it’s not easy, hang in there as it can only get better you did something that I have never been able to do so I salute you for that . Nothing but the best wishes for your future ahead.

  80. Holly you are a beautiful girl and so brave for fighting back don’t let anyone treat you different them girls are just pathetic andhave no respect for anyone not even themselves and your as beautiful without your hair as you are with your hair – well done for fighting back

  81. You go girl… you should be very proud of yourself, Not that you should have to go through that but hey you put up the fight and showed them your no Muppet. Well done! Such a beautiful girl πŸ˜™πŸ˜ xxx

  82. Very proud if u for sticking up for yourself these girls r vile and just jealous of u bully’s r cowards and lead a sad life putting others down to make themselves feel better keep your chin up fuck the haters your beautiful xx

  83. What a stunning brave girl you are … you take life in your stride and you are amazing I admire your courage in the face of those bullies .
    You are beautiful inside and out

  84. And teachers encourage kids not to fight back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ good on you girl give em better than you got and hope you carry on and they leave you the hell alone … brace bullies getting it back proud of you as would thousands of other kids out there will be and maybe they can take a leaf out of your book and start hitting back… bullies are the scum of the earth and you taught them a much needed lesson well done πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  85. Horrified on so many levels.
    What a courageous wee girl, dealing with her condition will give her so much strength that’s these ignorant little bullies will never understand.
    Disgusting she was put in a horrible situation but I’m glad for her that she fought back.
    I would be so ashamed if that was my daughter that bullied that girl, I wonder if she has any regrets about her pathetic bullying, if I where her I would be hinding my head in shame and the girl who was bullied, you hold ur head up high and be proud of yourself as u r worth a million of these disgusting little bitches.
    Why haven’t the sch stamped this out, they r not blind by what is going on and maybe there hands are tied in many ways, but shouldn’t they be maybe educating about illness and compassion as well as regular curriculum, this would go a long way.
    None of us know what tomorrow brings and being kind to someone and supporting them cost nothing and you just never know when u will be the one needing that.
    I so hope this girl apologises for her despicable behaviour and shows an example to others by doing so, she might even gain a grain of credibility and respect by doing so…

  86. Holly ur beautifull an dont ever doubt dat….i shaved my hair off when i had started wiv same prib as u…an i loved it just wore a bandaner…..u are beautifull with ot with out hair so be proud an walk witg ur head held high..these bulkys are just envious and know how beautifull u are keep smilling beautifull love an hugs ur way xx

  87. brought tears to my eyes watching that video, that nasty bitch deserved every punch she got in her face, i wouldnt have stopped til i at least seen blood, i was bullied all the way through school from infants and i for one know how horrible it is to be bullied, but to bully someone because of an illness by god that is taking it to far, well done darl for frighting back, hope she never tries again with you, you will look beautiful with or without hair because of the kind person you are, where she’ll need a make over to look beautiful cos she is poison inside πŸ™‚ my mam as fought Cancer 3 times and watching what has happened to this girl litrally brung tears to my eyes immediately πŸ™

  88. Holly if that’s correct. I was bullied at school and I was taught if you hit them back they will think twice. I’m against violence but if that happened to my family and kids or friends including my pets I would 100 percent make the person or people pay a serious price for it. You are brave very beautiful and somebody that does not deserve that. You are the better person remember that. I wish I was there I don’t hit women but I’m sure I would of had enough rage to frighten the life out of them the horrible little low life scum bags, remember to rise above this YOU are the far better person πŸ˜‰All the best Davie Brown x

  89. Absolute respect to you Holly! My 15 yr old daughter lost her hair due to chemo and we let her hold her head high. NEVER BE THE VICTIM. You control everything and between you and me you handled yourself superbly. Unlike the 2 troglodytes that tried and failed to humiliate you. Stand tall, proud and brave young un. You have our respect xx

  90. Well done, girl! How courageous of u Holly! I couldn’t imagine myself doing what u’ve done. Bullies r living very sad & unhappy life themselves. Don’t let them destroy u. Stand up high & don’t hesitate to do it again if u have to – although I pray u never have to go through this again!
    It annoys me though that the school is not taking an initiative to tackle this bullying 😳 I’m sure everyone is so proud of u!! Stay strong & believe in yourself xx

  91. Disgusting bitches ….. should have their hair pulled out or force fully shaved off so they know what it feels like …. I’d of gone crazy… fairplay beaut for giving it some bet she thinks twice about who she picks on someone again xx

  92. Well done beautiful girl for standing up to these ignorant little bullies. They deserved what they got and more. Their faces, and this video, should be given to local, or even national, press for them to show them up in their true colours. Don’t think people are just being kind, people do genuinely believe you are beautiful with, or without, hair.

  93. Fuck the haters girl…your beautiful with/without your hair peace….they were just jealous…..i wouldnt worry about it too much….you kicked her ass!!

  94. Well done to you darling. Your 1 beutifull girl and you have really done good for standing up for your self. Not many people would actually stand up for them selfs they would walk away! But love you held your head high & did what you had to. They deserved what they got Hun don’t let them destroy you . You are so brave princess amazing well done to 1 beutifull young lady. This should be reported to the police nothing but nasty horrible bully’s xxxxxxx

  95. Bless you Holly. Absolute VILE young girls, that got a lot more than they bargained for there.
    She actually ran from you in the end!
    Honestly, they have tried to humiliate you and have completely humiliating themselves instead.
    I’d like to think they leave you be from now, bullies only thrive on fear and you showed none of that there. If any sort of thing like that ever happens again, you whip your hair off first and then give them some more of that!
    They will have to live with their actions well into adulthood and I hope they are racked with guilt for it. I hope some day you get an apology for the disgusting behaviour.
    Ps, you’ve a very pretty girl, with it without your hair… I’m.not being nice, I’m being truthful. Keep your chin up and do not like them win!xx

  96. Too bad you didn’t rip out some of her hair and show her how it feels to be bald,I’m happy you fought back because my granddaughter was getting bullied by her class mates because she chooses to dress her own style and they made fun of her

  97. Good for you to fight back horrible girls that they are. You are a beautiful young women you dont need a hair peice . Look at sinned o conner shes a beautiful women and many others that have no hair from loss of many ailments. They just jelous calous people who will if they dont change be bitter for the rest of their lives. Keep smilling and stay strong xx

  98. This made me feel so angry! You should be so proud of yourself sweetheart. If you were my daughter I’d be beaming with pride. It takes real strength to fight back like that. Don’t worry though. School is a only a small part of life. I see a much brighter future for you. Don’t let ’em win girl! Stay strong and don’t lose faith in people. Most of us are actually quite nice once we grow up. Xx

  99. This made me feel so angry! You should be so proud of yourself sweetheart. If you were my daughter I’d be beaming with pride. It takes real strength to fight back like that. Don’t worry though. School is a only a small part of life. I see a much brighter future for you. Don’t let ’em win girl! Stay strong and don’t lose faith in people. Most of us are actually quite nice once we grow up. Xx

  100. you are head and shoulders above those vile people, hold your head high you have more character in your little finger than all those others put together

  101. Holly Hold your head high Hun… you held your dignity wonderfully and can be proud of yourself now and forever. You have so much courage and strength that you may not have even recognised yet how strong you are..

    As for the other girls all of them involved you have to live your life’s remembering how gutted you were and hopefully regretting your part in these attacks on one young girl…. you may think your clever now as you all feed of each other…. but the time will come in your life when you love someone more than you do yourself and you will be tragically heartbroken if they got even half of what you did to holly… then you will have to ask God for forgiveness as you will want it…..
    you also didn’t get quite the laugh you were hoping for by posting the video all it did was shame you and make you look as nasty as you were being in front and behind the camera….
    so a blessing for Holly really that you have been exposed…

    holly stay strong, be proud, live life and have fun and don’t let this moment in life affect you negatively pull strength and goodness from it…. also you are sooooo pretty you could walk out without the hair stand tall and own it πŸ™‚

  102. This brought tears to my eyes, your a very beautiful girl and be proud of your self. My oldest girl has been bullied for the last 5 years. She finally stuck up for her self like you, which would of be one of the biggest steps as the cowards can’t handle it. I hope these girls are named and shamed as they need to learn THEY HAVE A PROBLEM NOT YOU. L

  103. aww thats soo sad little bitches….your a gorgeous girl u really are they got what thy deserved good on u sweetie <3 u are beatifull u really are so plz dont let anyone make u question that… its just sad what happened but u done good wi they pair of nasty insicure brats…. more love n power too you keep ur head heldd high sweetie xoxo <3

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