WATCH: Boxer jumps from ring to get involved in riot as local event turns violent

A shocking video has surfaced online showing a boxing event turn into an all out riot leaving at least one man seriously injured.

Gangs of people can be seen throwing anything from bottles to chairs at each other as security try in vain to keep a lid on the violence.

But it soon escalates into a flurry of violence in a scene reminiscent of a football factory type movie with punches and kicks flying in left right and centre- with even a boxer jumping from the ring to hit an already unconscious man with a wooden chair as other stamp on his head.


It's not known were the fight had taken place but Ashley Love who posted the video on Facebook claimed she was working at the event on Sunday night saying "and David Haye thought he had a rough night."

David Haye suffered an embarrising defeat to Scouse underdog Tony Bellew at The London 02 on Saturday night.

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