Teen bully victim hung herself in school toilets after Brexit abuse from racist gang

                      Tragic: Dagmara Przybysz

It was yesterday revealed that a beautiful and bright 16-year-old girl who hung herself in a school toilet during the heated Brexit campaign was being hounded by a jealous gang of teenage racists.

Tragic Dagmara Przybysz who moved to the UK from Poland with her family as a 7-year-old had previously complained online about classroom racism, and fellow pupils now admit she was targeted by a gang of girls who regularly called her names and pushed her about.

The aspiring model eventually felt she had no other way out and took her own life at the School after being excused from class for a toilet break.

Stunning: The promising teen had model potential and a big heart according to friends and teachers.

Police say they have gathered information about the bullying but have amazingly admitted they haven’t spoke to anyone personally involved because they don’t want to worry them “that they are in trouble in a criminal way”

The findings were revealed by a coroner yesterday at an inquest into the 2016 death at Pool Academy in Cornwall.

Dagmara’s grieving grandmother has said her “darling granddaughter” was shunned by other girls at school and she can’t understand why.

She said: “After she died there was tons of flowers left at the school for her but when she turned 16 recently none of them congratulated her.”

            Tears: Gutted pupils at Pool Academy

The pretty blonde took her at the height of the EU referendum campaign that was heavily criticised for being divisive and stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment and Dagmara herself had recently complained about racism on her Twitter account in reply to a question on Ask.Fm.

The tragedy occurred only a couple of weeks before the murder of Pro-Eu Labour MP Jo Cox at the hands of a right-wing extremist shouting “Britain First”.

Dagmara will be remembered for her stunning beauty and caring personality as friends and family left tributes to her online.

Saying: “Such a beautiful and loving girl dead at such a young age all because of absolute pr***s. It’s so sad what people do to people to make them do things like this. It’s F***ing ridiculous.”

Despite her feminine looks Dagmara was also very sporty and loved her football- especially her favourite team FC Barcelona- something else she was reportedly picked on for.

Barca mad: Dagmara was such a big football fan that other girls would call her a boy

It was Detective Constable Craig Daddow, of Camborne CID, that confirmed police had gathered evidence of bullying incidents.

He told the hearing in Truro: ‘We spoke to many pupils and we gathered evidence that there were incidents in which Dagmara was bullied by a group of girls and she was also pushed in a corridor.

‘We did not speak to any individuals about the bullying because we do not want to worry them that they are in trouble in a criminal way.’

Senior coroner for Cornwall Emma Carlyon said that it will be her role during the full inquest hearing to examine the circumstances behind Dagmara’s death, but not to attribute blame.

She said: ‘We have had one incident and we don’t want this to lead to another. We don’t want any more young people getting poorly because of this.’

Dr Carlyon said she hoped to have a full inquest hearing scheduled before the summer.

Stylish: The 16 year old loved her fashion

The sad sad story of Dagmara highlights two major issues facing the country as a whole at the minute and that is bullying (be that online, at school or in person) and racism.

The rise of social media has seen a major spike in bullying as videos are posted onto YouTube and Facebook almost daily and Twitter trolls seem to outnumber real people on that platform at times- picking on people they see as weak or vulnerable.

Even in the weeks after Dagmara’s death an anonymous troll was posting vindictive rumours on the schools site and other social medias that the tragic teen had been diagnosed with mental health issues- which her parents and the school have confirmed wasn’t true.

Social media has also helped in a major-revival of racism and bigotry aimed specifically towards Eastern-European migrants and people of the Muslim community and brought spectacularly into the mainstream by recent political campaigns most notably in the UK and US.

When asked what most made her sad at school on Ask.fm she replied “Mostly racism and people I thought were friends talking behind my back.”

     Pool Academy in Redruth Cornwall

How many more promising young lives need to be lost before bullies realise the kind of problems they cause just in a sad attempt to make them look cool. I wonder how cool the main protagonists in this case feel now?

And the mindless racism and bigotry that is swamping our society at a record pace and leading to hate-crime numbers being up by over 200% since the Brexit result really has to be tackled at school level and to all age groups.

How sad that a young girl brought to the UK as nothing much more than a tiny baby, who spent all her school years here and was a promising, respectful and decent part of society was forced to feel she had no escape from the venom, hatred and bullying she was seeing and hearing everyday- not only in the papers and on the news but directed to her in a place that is meant to be a place of security and safety for young people.

Truly and utterly shameful.

RIP Dagmara.


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