Tommy Robinson’s Twitter fight with Celtic fans day before he’s in same city as 9000 of them

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been involved in a Twitter spat with Celtic fans calling them ‘f*cking idiot fans’ and ‘muggy IRA morons’.

Celtic play Sunderland in Sunderland tomorrow on the same day that Robinson is holding an anti Islam rally in the city.

He has also said the Celtic support are pro-Islam and pro-terrorism and accused them of wanting to beat him up.





Celtic have sold 9000 tickets for the match with many more expected to travel from all over the UK and Ireland.

Hitting back Celtic fans have called him a bigot and a racist clown with one saying they hope some Celtic fans jump on his head.

Another threatened to ‘Slice him and dice him and fry him in a wok’.

Tommy’s rallys have been criticised for being rowdy, aggresive and confrontational and called racist, sectarian and bigoted.

Celtic Ultra group The Green Brigade have recently shown report for the IRA and Palestine and currently under a two-match ban from Celtic Park for bad behaviour.

They, like the majority of Celtic fans, consider themselves left wing and detest everything Rangers fan Tommy stands for.

Between 800 and 1200 Robinson supporters are expected at his rally.

Robinson has never made any bones about his support for Celtic’s Glasgow rivals and Rangers shirts scarfs and banners are common at his rallys.

A year ago he tweeted ‘Hope rangers smash Celtic all over the park…. I would rather support a team with pride and history than a bunch of muggy IRA morons.’


And back in 2013 he tweeted a picture of a Rangers- No surrender wristband.

Many of Tommy’s fan’s, joined by more than a few Rangers fans, have joined in to the spat to defend Tommy and get involved in a slanging watch with hoop’s fans.

Let’s hope no one takes the bait and the day passes without incident

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