Title day shame: Celtic fans belt out IRA song at Parkhead trophy day


Everyone knows that from time to time some of the songs sung by certain fans in the Scottish Premiership are beyond the pale.

Doesn’t matter if its Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen or of course the big two who, by law of averages, have the most bampots by far.

But on the most part, particularly for Celtic, these types of songs and the old republican songbook are usually  kept on the shelf until heated away games against Rangers or Hearts. (and even then outright and blatant support for the IRA is rare)

So its fair to say that, with one possible exception against Linfield, songs about the IRA and republicanism have slowly been becoming almost an extinct species at Celtic Park over the last 15/20 years since Fergus McCann’s Bhoys Against Bigotry campaign.

So it came as a bit of a shock on Sunday to hear the Celtic park hordes belt out a new catchy song as they were about to be awarded the league trophy after defeat in a meaningless game against Aberdeen.

You can watch the video here.

10 thoughts on “Title day shame: Celtic fans belt out IRA song at Parkhead trophy day”

  1. Why is this article started by mentioning hearts hibs and Aberdeen? Shite lazy journalism. Stick to what the articles about and stop trying to tarnish other clubs in the same way as Celtic and Sevco.

  2. If you want to have a real impact on bigotry in Glasgow start bye looking at your one sided story as a Celtic fan had to abandon watching the hibs v rangers game as some of the singing the vile insults directed towards Lennon were deplorable and vile yet you choose to show a one sided view again ask Glasgow city council why it lets public houses be turned in to shrines to terrorists divided by what team you support bigotry will never leave Scotland as long as we have bigots and journalists pointing out one side and not the other

  3. If you think the songs about the Ira are a thing of the past or extinct from celtic fans then you are brain dead, maybe you should listen a little closer

  4. Danny Trevit a celtc fan had to abandon watching Hibs v Rangers cause people were singing stuff, meanwhile the said team he supports is playing the sheep to wrap up the title!! celtc offended by everything, ashamed of nothing since 1888.

  5. Republicism is nothing to be ashamed of. The only shame is, belittling the struggle of Irish people by cheerfully singing about it at football games. You only have to look at most countries across the world and the big wars of today, to see the torture caused at the hand of the britian

  6. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever it’s not bigotry and it’s not sectarian. It’s widely accepted that Celtic fans have always shown support to Irish liberation.

    You may not like the song and that is fair enough but there are far worse things going on in various stadiums across the country.

  7. I forgot, chanting ‘Irish Republican Army’ is much worse than ‘Were up to our knees in fenian blood’ amd ‘the famine is over why dont you go home’

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