Superheroes and Hollywood stars coming to Cumbernauld ?

The Actors take a tour of Cumbernauld during lunch-break

It might be a million miles from their usual glamorous locations but group of crime-fighting superheroes will be flying into Cumbernauld this week to fight crime and save the world from supernatural bad-guys.

But the young teams and drug dealers need not worry as it's only a-list actors like Scarlett Johanson, Robert Downey Jnr and Chris Hemsworth in town to shoot the new £400 million action film The Avengers.

Sexy Swede: Scarlett Johansson will be in Cumbernauld next week

They will be filming the sure-fire box-office smash in the same studios used to film hit TV series Outlander.

The star-studded film is set to bring in £10 million to the Scottish economy and no-doubt offer up a lot of jobs for budding film students.

THOR: actor Chris Hemsworth will also star in the big budget action flick

The big budget American production, due for release in 2018, will see usual characters like Captain America, Thor and The Hulk come to life for a third instalment of the Marvels classic.

Scotland is proving an ever popular location for Hollywood ever since World War Z was shot in Glasgow a few years back.

And the appearance of the likes of Chris Hemsworth playing action hero Thor it has potential to gain the same kind of widespread attention fellow heart throb Brad Pitt attracted when he was filming in the city.

Another successful big budget Hollywood using Scotland's natural scenery will only increase calls for Scotland to have it's own top of the range filming studios.

Glamorous surroundings? Cumbernauld has been voted the ugliest town in the UK three times.

Scottish films such as recently released Trainspotting 2 and it's predecessor have a long history of punching above their weight on the global stage despite very little backing or facilities.

If Glasgow or Cumbernauld or Scotland in general had it's own superhero what would he be called ? Let's here your funniest suggestions.....

We will start with Pure Quality Man and Ned Boy from the X-Men Wee Men.

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