SHOCKING VIDEO: Racist scumbag forces black man to get off the bus




A shocking video has emerged online showing a tracksuited thug forcing a black man to get off the bus while ranting horrific racist and Islamophobic abuse and even blaming the man for his sick grandad.

The 2-minute video originally posted to Facebook by Robin Armstrong starts with the man shouting and ranting that another passenger shouldn't be in the country, and neither should his rat family.

As the video and abuse continue the man seems to be trying to ignore it until the drunken thug threatens him with violence if he doesn't move and then proceeds to force the man off the bus.

Meanwhile he continues on a bizarre rant about how his grandad is sick yet there are "ni**ers on the bus"

The video finishes with a clip of what seems to be a female driver putting the racist of the bus to a round of applause as he rants about Isis and Islam.

It is thought the incident took place in or near Manchester.

Since Brexit was first announced there has been a massive spike in hate-crimes all over the UK  with a similar trend now happening in the USA since they elected the self titled "Mr Brexit" Donald Trump as President.

Do you think Brexit has caused an upsurge in racism ? and would you step in if you seen something like this ?

Let us know in the comments.

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