Shock as Rangers cut Celtic’s Old Firm ticket allocation from 8000 to 800

Rangers have today released plans to severely cut the amount of Celtic fans they will allow into Ibrox for Old Firm games next season.

The Gers will give the Hoops 7,200 fewer seats than they had for this season’s 2-0 and 3-2 victories over their ancient rivals.

It will be the lowest Celtic support at any Glasgow derby since David Murray famously banned them for a season in 1994 after damage to seats.

In one game, a 1-1 draw in 94, an aeroplane full of Celtic fans drove over the top of the stadium with a banner reading ‘Hail Hail the Celts are here’.

In what the club are calling a thank you to their own fans Rangers released a statement confirming that ALL away fans will now only be allocated in the corner between the Broomloan and Sandy Jardine Stands from next season.

The club statement said:

“THE Club takes this opportunity to thank supporters for renewing their season tickets in record numbers. 

The deadline for renewals was last week and we received more than 40,000 renewals, which is far in excess of the previous highest level achieved in Rangers’ long history. This figure is truly inspiring and can only help boost the confidence levels of Steven Gerrard and his new management team as they prepare for the new season.

Following the closure of the renewal deadline the Club seeks applications from supporters who did not hold season tickets for the prior season. This has long been part of our Club’s tradition as it allows new and younger supporters, who did not previously own a season ticket, to secure one for the first time.

We have already received an enormous number of requests in advance of the close of the renewal date and we have had to consider carefully how best to accommodate these supporters in light of the record renewals.

Our supporters will always come first and as many of them as practically possible must be accommodated. That is why the Club has decided on an overall increase in the total number of season tickets available to our supporters to what will be a historical record. A further announcement on the final new ticket allocation will shortly be made available on the Club’s website.

An unfortunate consequence of putting our supporters first is that this increased demand negatively impacts on the number of tickets which will be allocated to visiting teams. This means all visiting fans will now be situated in the corner between the Broomloan and Sandy Jardine Stands.

We believe that this is the best possible outcome after considering the unprecedented levels of support from Rangers fans.”

It is not yet known if Celtic will react with a similar move of their own but some of their fans have been a bit cynical over the move.

Paul The Tim said: “The zombies canny take us partying at Ibrox just means more of them there to see them getting pumped aff us.”

2 thoughts on “Shock as Rangers cut Celtic’s Old Firm ticket allocation from 8000 to 800”

  1. What a shower of halfwits, I woudnt be surprised if thus is designed to try and hope that Celtic don’t play as well with a low support behind them, it doesn’t matter, Celtic will still be the better team with or without a large support at Ibrox, just another smokescreen by King to try and divert the attention from his incompetence.

  2. Nothing to do with season book sales and everything to do with pandering to the fed up support watching the hoops fans celebrating another pumping .They even went as far as to start an online petition as far back as the 5-1 tanking last season to get us moved . You can smell the fear wafting through the cracks in the roofs from here .Here we go for 10 in a row

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