“Scumbag”: Young MUA injured after man attacks three women on Byres Road

A young beautician has been left nursing some horrible facial injuries after her and two friends were attacked by a drunk ‘scumbag’ in the west end of Glasgow.

Pretty make up artist Lauren McFadden now has a beauty of a black eye as a result of the random attack just after midnight on Sunday night going in to Monday morning.

Pretty: Lauren before the attack left her with a black eye.

The 20-year-old blonde was walking along Byres Road with a group of friends when the man walked up to them and started shouting abuse and trying to intimidate them.

When Lauren spoke up for herself and told the man to shut up and get out of their way he punched her full force on the face and knocked her to the ground.

Injured: The blonde MUA now has a black eye.

He then attacked both her friends leaving them all with face and mouth injuries as his own girlfriend watched on.

The man is described as tall with dark hair and dark eyes and was wearing a white and light blue striped shirt.

His girlfriend who watched the whole thing has long brown hair and was wearing a leopard print shirt and black denim jacket.

Byres Road: Where attack took place.

The attack took place outside Cafe Francoise.

Lauren said: “Genuinely cannot believe a random boy started an argument with us then punched 3 of us square in the face absolute scumbag.”

Lauren: Hopefully she will make a quick recovery.

If you think you recognise the description of the man or his girlfriend or think you witnessed the assault then contact local police.

Only an absolute scumbag would attack a group of young girls having a good time- get him caught before he attacks again.

We all wish Lauren a speedy and full recovery.

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