Scottish Torys held their conference at the Hydro and everyone is making the same joke.

The Scottish Conservatives annual two-day conference got under way in Glasgow as Prime Minister Theresa May made her way up from Westminster for the occasion.

The Tory PM used her speech to attack the SNP and say she will do all she can to scupper a 2nd referendum on Scottish Independence.

But it's not the content of the speech or even who was given it that has everyone talking, it's more about WHERE it was held, as at first glance it appeared that the venue might have been a little too optimistic.

                       Empty: They could barely fill the first couple of rows

And that has lead to many people pointing out the stark differences between this and the 2014 conference of their arch-rivals The SNP at the same top class venue.

Difference: The SNP at the Hydro in 2014

The discrepancies between the two just highlights the difference in popularity between Scotland's two biggest political parties (going by MSP's at Holyrood)  and suggests the SNP will remain to be the largest party in Scotland for a long way to come.

Even the BBC covering the event struggled to find a flattering shot of the embarrassing turnout as this tweet pointed out.

And it at times started to resemble a cheap health and safety course you get sent on from your office job.

Better together: The message and theme of the evening of the conference was clear

The conference was also attended by a small group of protesters who nearly outnumbered the membership in attendance.

They were protesting against Tory policies such as the strict "fit for work" scheme that forces sick and disabled people off benefits if they are judged as being fit to do ANY work at all.

One man was pushing a skeleton in a wheelchair with the skeleton holding a sign saying "Fit For Work" as the small band of protesters took over the main entrance to the Hydro.

The Scottish Tory's caused a shock result in Scottish Politics in the last Holyrood elections as twere hopeful that their conference would capitalise on their new position as Holyrood's second biggest party and the fact they are seen as the party of the union.

But it wasn't to be as the average age of the few Tory's in attendance seemed to be between over 65 with some even struggling to stay awake during the speeches.

Police and security covering the event were asked to wear blue rather than SNP yellow, however i'm sure a few of those in attendance will be happy there was no fashion police present, as the unionist/British nationalist theme carried strong.

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  1. Sorry, but the SECC is not the Hydro – they are two entirely different venues, albeit physically adjacent to each other. The story of a half empty, smaller hall was good enough without any need to inaccurately embellish it.

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