Scottish soldier celebrates 71st anniversary with jewish wife he rescued from Hitler

A Glaswegian World War two hero and a woman he helped rescue from Auschwitz have spent their 71st anniversary together.

96 year-old John Mackay was only 23 when his commando unit stormed the Nazi concentration camp based in Poland and liberated hundred's of Jewish prisoners including his 20-year-old future wife Edith Steiner.

Edith from Hungary had been arrested by Hitlers troops in Budapest along with her mother and all other Jews in the area that had been identified. Her father, brothers and uncles had already been murdered in the gas-chambers.

Edith and her mum were in the camp for 6-weeks when they were rescued and were very fortunate to be one of the few survivors from the camps during the so called "angel of death" Josef Mengele was running his reign of terror.

Luckily John, who was a commando, and his team were able to resuce them for their Nazi guards and torturers and it was a few days later at a village hall celebration dance that he plucked up the courage to ask her to dance.

Young Love: John and Edith in 1945

The relationship blossomed instantly and when it was time to leave Poland, Edith and her mum moved back to Glasgow with John and the pair married in 1946.

The pair have been inseparable ever since- after the war they owned a hotel chain in the north of Scotland before retiring and spending their old age together.

Speaking to The Mail Online on Valentines day last month Edith said the key to a long relationship is "to keep the romance alive all year round"

She says her husband has been the perfect gentleman since the first day she met him and the pair still refer to each other as "sweetheart".

Old romantics: John and Edith still call each other "sweetheart" every day

Possibly the most epic love story of all time..... The insta generation don't have a look in.

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