Scotstoun: Woman’s fright after finding aggresive snake in toilet when going for a sh*t

A Glasgow woman got the fright of her life when she found a deadly snake in her toilet bowl when she went for a late night poo.

The woman was at home in Scotstoun in the West End of Glasgow when she made the terrifying find late last night.

She was just about to sit on the pan when she heard the 2.5 foot long reptile hissing and when she looked down she couldn’t believe her eyes when she seen its green head pop out over the water.

After convincing herself that it wasn’t a dream she screamed for help and nearly passed out with fright.

When a man called James ran in the snake became aggresive and tried to go for him- causing the pair to run from the toilet and lock the door.

The NSPCA was called and came to collect the baby corn snake and advised it could be deadly if it got into a baby’s crib.

It is believed that the snake was a pet that had escaped from its cage in the same close.

The woman’s daughter put an appeal on Facebook to try and find the owner of the snake. Saying: “If anyone had lost their snake it is in my mum’s toilet.”

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