Scotsman drives 90 miles to stock up on £2 bottles of cider from England and beat minimum pricing

A cider-loving Scotsman has travelled over 90 miles to cross the English border and beat minimum pricing laws by stocking up on the cheap drink.

Craig Mitchell from Bellshill was sick at the news that his favourite Hawksridge Cider would now cost £5.75 for 3 litres in Scotland- a £3.60 increase on what it was previously, so he decided to get in the car and stock up on 180 litres.

After making the 4 hour round trip the dad-to-be bought 60 bottles for £129, making a saving of £215, before squeezing them into his car and heading back to Scotland.

             Craig with his wife Emma

The 29-year-old said: “Minimum pricing won’t stop me, I took a wee run across the border today to stock up.”

Friends were quick to comment on his Facebook page- some calling him a legend… other calling him a jake.

Judith Eglington said: “Love it, we will be doing the same.”

Scott Fyfe said: “The dedication is admirable”

Lynn Mac said: “You’r a pure jake Craig.”

His wife Emma said: “U r ridiculous”

But Roy Stephens was more concerned with more important issues, saying: “did they have any full-fat Irn Bru?”

Craig however was having none of it- joking: “I will be selling them at £2.75 each…. a 75p profit per bottle.”

Swally: The man himself taking a shot.


1 thought on “Scotsman drives 90 miles to stock up on £2 bottles of cider from England and beat minimum pricing”

  1. If he spent £129 on 60 bottles, they were £2.15 each. ASDA don’t sell 3 litre bottles, so the 2 litre bottles (8.4 units) he bought would be £4.20 in Scotland. 60 of these would cost £252 in Scotland, so his net saving was £123.

    However, fuel costs for a 180 mile round trip would be £23.74 for a diesel car with 45mpg at 123.7p per litre (from Asda). So on 60 bottles he saved £99.26. So each bottle cost him £2.55 after fuel costs, so selling at £2.75 per bottle = £12 profit or £3 per hour for his 4 hour round trip.

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