Scotland says NO to Trump (Gallery and Video)

In a bitterly cold night in Scotland the people came together to condemn the bitterly cold heart of a man who is the child of a Scottish immigrant.

It was a stand against racism, bigotry, sexism and fascism and everything that the former apprentice star now stands for, but also a chance to make some funny signs…. and to be fair some of the signs were quite funny.

The man they were protesting against was of course newly elected American President Donald J Trump the son of Mary Anne Macleod who emigrated from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland to the country her son now leads in 1928.

Vile: the hated Donald Trump

There ended up literally thousands on the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh as both city=centres became a sea of bodies.

None of this shite: inventive sign in Edinburgh
First they came for Muslims…. protester at George Square

Organised by Scotland Against Racism the crowds on show in both cities was tremendous with high spirits and songs continuing throughout.

Glasgow: A sea of bodies

Trumps recent executive orders following up on the anti-muslim immigration ban he promised during his campaign against democrat Hilary Clinton is what sparked the protests which are taking place all over the world.

Get your tiny hands of civil liberties

The orders have caused chaos in the states with many people unable to return to their homes in the states and having flights to the US cancelled.

This had lead to Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking out against Trump, who she has never hid her feelings of animosity towards.

Crowds of protesters in Glasgow’s George Square

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