REVEALED! Paedo school worker who abused primary 2 pupil will be free in 14 months

A beast school worker who forced a 6-year-old girl to strip on school grounds will be free to walk the streets in barely over a year despite only being sentenced this week.

Paedophile James Moran from Bridgton in Glasgow was working as a handy man/ helper and lollipop man at a school in the southside of Glasgow when he lured the young child in a cupboard before making her strip and taking pictures of her.

The 32-year-old only fled when he heard a noise and was scared he was going to be caught.

The brave youngster, who was only born in 2011, told her teacher and the police exactly what happened and Moran was jailed.

However at his court case on Thursday the fiend was only sentenced to three years jail time.

Rules in Scotland mean as a first offender Moran will be eligible for release after a year and a half and with his four months spent waiting for his trial will also be taken off that time meaning he will be free to walk the streets of Glasgow before his young victim has even turned 8 year old.

The ruling has caused outrage all over Scotland with many believing the nonce should be locked up for at least a decade, and other believing more severe punishments would be fitting.

We believe that any crime of a sexual nature against someone as young as that should be severely punished as much as possible.

For someone working in a primary school to do something as stomach churning on school grounds there should be no route back into normal civilisation.

A year behind bars for a piece of slime with no friends and sick sexual urges won’t faze him at all.

He was opportunist enough to get a job around children and bold enough to take such a chance to satisfy his sick urges on school grounds during school hours.

We believe it is therefore more than likely that he has at least tried similar stunts before.

This mans background and history needs to be thoroughly looked at, where else has he worked ? how many children has he been in contact with?

For the sake of the safety of our children the public deserve to know what this beast has been up to.

Do you think the sentence for Moran was too lenient ? what do you think the punishment should be for perverted sick minds such as his ?

Let us know in the comments.

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