Rangers director says innocent Craig Whyte should be ‘charged with murder’

                                    Craig Whyte outside court and Johnstone. (Pics BBC)

A Rangers board member has called for Craig Whyte to be charged with murder on the day the clubs former owner walked free from court with two not guilty charges.

Alistair Johnstone, who was just announced back on to the club’s board today, hit out in a scathing attack against “villainous” Whyte.

Johnstone was formerly the club’s chairman from 2009-11 and returns as a director following the departure of John Gilligan from the plc board.

He was ousted from his first spell at Ibrox following Craig Whyte’s takeover.

Speaking to BBC before today’s not guilty verdict for Whyte, US based businessman Johnstone hit out.

He said:”If indeed Mr Whyte is found not guilty of being in contravention of the companies act it doesn’t exonerate him from his villainy towards Rangers Football Club.

“Candidly he should have been charged with murder….. murder of an institution. Destruction of people’s passion. Destruction of the spirit of hundred’s of thousands Rangers fans.

“That’s what he should have been charged with. Then it would have been a no-brainer.”

You can watch the video of the interview here.

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