Racist and sectarian anti Celtic effigies being burned and hanged in Belfast just 3 days before key game

A gauntlet of hate and gutter bile await Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic squad on Friday as they travel to Belfast just two days after the infamous July 12 celebrations.

When they got drawn against Linfield in their first Champions League qualifier it was the tie that raised a few eyebrows.

Celtic moved quickly to get the tie moved from it’s original date of July 12 and to refuse any away tickets on advice of the PSNI.

And despite the game being a complete mismatch on paper it’s clear this is no normal tie for Celtic who will be entering the most hostile and hate filled atmosphere they will more than likely ever have witnessed.

Anyone in any doubt would just have to take a look at some of the effigies that will be getting put on their bonfires tonight that include hanging of effigies wearing Celtic shirts, references to claims that Celtic covered up up child abuse since the 1880’s, references to KAI and KAT meaning kill all Irish and Kill all Taigs, racist attacks on Scott Sinclair and other racist references against blacks and muslims, and loads of sectarian and anti-IRA banners.

hanged effigy in a Celtic top at the top of bonfire in the same city Celtic will visit on Friday

They even have a ‘fuck Mickey Bo’ flag in reference to a teenage boy who was beaten to death on his 15th birthday by a group of drunk men purely for being catholic.

“Fuck Mickey Bo” in reference to a teenage boy who was murdered in a sectarian attack on his 15th birthday

On one flag it claims ‘weer not racist just don’t like cotton picking n****s or taigs’ and on another it say Scott Sinclair loves bananas.

Anti-Celtic and racist banner aimed towards player Scott Sinclair above another banner claiming a Celtic child abuse cover up since the club was first formed.
Racist flags making reference to hating Ni***s and taigs and another stating KAI (Kill all Irish)


Celtic will be hoping the game passes without incident and the players don’t let the hostile surroundings get on top of them.

Brendan Rodgers men are going into the game in top form after beating Shamrock Rovers 9-0 in a Dublin friendly last week as Linfield were losing 4-1 to Hearts in Belfast.

Another Celtic effigy on a bonfire in Northern Ireland

Celtic ultras group The Green Brigade and the Celtic Trust had asked Celtic to reverse the decision not to take tickets but the club stuck to their original plan.

Another one with KAT (kill all taigs) and pictures of Sinn Fein polticians

In seeing some of the behaviour on show this week their motives can’t really be questioned as by the looks of things you could be mistaken for thinking Celtic were being sent to play a game in Alabama in the 1960’s rather than a part of the UK in 2017.

Virgin Mary on one of the sectarian bonfires.

Police in Northern Ireland have confirmed they were investigating the banner aimed towards Scott Sinclair.

Were Celtic right to refuse tickets for the first leg match in Belfast ?

Let us know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Racist and sectarian anti Celtic effigies being burned and hanged in Belfast just 3 days before key game”

  1. What about Celtic fans hanging effigies of rangers fans at parkhead last season inside there own ground no mention of that on your website

    1. Thomas, that is different. it only matters when it is us doing these things. these mutants do no wrong. just wait until tomorrow, it will have been rangers supporters on route to Sheffield who wrecked sunderland. not celtic fans. they do no wrong????? a bunch of bigoted arrogant scumbags who need to look in the mirror, before slating others. W A T P. NO SURRENDER EVER..

  2. Totally disgusting racist and sectarian behaviour still being allowed to be spewed out by these Neanderthal cretins ,who are still celebrating something that happened over 300 years ago.
    I am totally dismayed that these people find this acceptable and that ‘ the people’ from Scotland are actually allowed to travel to participate in this abhorrent ritual in this day and age.
    The British government has never had the balls to stop this ,and it is even more unlikely now as Theresa may is in bed with the dup

  3. This is totally disgusting. Why are the PSNI only investigating the racism directed toward Scott Sinclair? Why are they not investigating all of the vile, hate-filled incidents? Many many more questions need answered.

  4. UEFA fine Celtic for displaying the flag of Palestine.
    This club (Linfield) their fans and all associated with them should be denied participation in Europe’s premier club competition. Linfield have never made any attempt to distance themselves from what can only be described as utter abhorrent behaviour thus bringing you to the understanding that club owners and officials actually condone the conduct. In my opinion clubs such Linfield have no place in modern day football, openly sectarian, openly racist and vile to the core.
    I hope UEFA have officials at the match to witness the non-football behaviour from the players, management and individuals who attend their matches.
    Maybe after witnessing the above points UEFA will ban clubs like this, there is no place at the table of Europe’s elite clubs.

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