RACISM STORM 2: Sick Rangers fan gets child to mimic Scott Sinclair monkey taunt

A Rangers fan has caused a social-media storm after taking a picture of a child at the ape enclosure at a zoo with the caption “Lacie n Scott Sinclair.

Then posting the pic on Twitter she doubled down on the racism by saying “Just bumped into Scott Sinclair at Edinburgh zoo”.

Amy Halcrow from Oban posted the picture on her Facebook and Twitter accounts which now appear to be deleted, but the racist snaps were picked up by Twitter user Paul P. Kurth who screenshot and re-tweeted them.

The twitter post has now been shared and re-tweeted hundreds of times with some reporting the post to the police and to the woman’s employers.

On Amy’s facebook she has also posted a picture of her boyfriend meeting Rangers player James Tavernier obviously unaware of the irony that the right back is also black.

The racist picture of the child at an ape enclosure and references to Scott Sinclair comes just a day after a man was arrested for racially abusing the Celtic player with similar monkey taunts at the weekends old firm game.

In scenes reminiscent of the bad old days of the 80’s surely this kind of behaviour can’t ever become anything close to acceptable ever again.

What do you think? Should Amy be brought to task over this behaviour ? Or is it just a young girl making a daft mistake on social media ?

Is racism becoming a problem again in Scottish football ?

Let us know in the comments.

27 thoughts on “RACISM STORM 2: Sick Rangers fan gets child to mimic Scott Sinclair monkey taunt”

  1. Why should she be treated differently because she’s a girl? Still racism at the end of the day so should be treated the same way as the boy from the game.

  2. I saw her tweet this morning and obviously people were angry.. her next tweet was ‘I couldn’t give a f**k if people don’t like my Tweets’ so no she’s not some daft kid.. she’s either the mother of or is known to that child and she’s instigating racist comments while using her and the photo. I hope the police knock on her door and I hope the child’s school are informed too!

  3. This comment and picture is despicable what on earth is this person trying to achieve apart from embarrassing this child who could possibly be bullied over this in my option this is blatantly bad parenting and should be held accountable

  4. What kind of human being is she ?? Racism in the purest form and using a child as well , what kind of example is being set here….being her to book see how funny it is then😡

  5. It isn’t just a young girl making mistakes, I mean she’s clearly that stupid, her profile also contained a photo of her getting a caution from the police which she posted on twitter joking about.
    She isn’t an innocent young girl, so she shouldn’t be treated like one, not only that but she’s also putting that disgusting hatred into the kids head

  6. Police , social services , her employer, Rangers Football Club all need to be made aware of this woman’s racist behaviour ..

  7. Yes she should not the kids fault it the way she has been brought up adults have ti be taught a leson

  8. the little girl is innocent in this, her mum is at full fault and the courts should tell her that with a fine,, lose job?? depends where she works, surely even the odd bigot needs a job, and to dismiss her from job is going to have an adverse effect on her poor daughter, she has shown herself up big time,, it may stop her posting in future,, but it wont stop her thinking it,,, perhaps she should think!! what if my daughter becomes a victim to this, who’s fault would it be,? would she feel as much guilt??? blooming irresponsible idiot

  9. Absolute sick to do such a horrible thing it’s one thing to post racist remarks on her own accord but to portray your own child as racist beggars all belief . Sorry but she must be shown the full force of the law

  10. Absolutely disgraceful …. Not sure if this is her child but if it is then even worse …. she should be ashamed!!!

  11. Why should she get away with it? It’s disgusting and a true testament to the brainless morons who cannot accept Celtic are light years ahead of rangers. This is unfortunately the only response they have.
    If it were the other way round, there wouldn’t be any debate.

  12. I think she is a stupid wee lassie trying to be a smart arse…however, a boot in the arse would waken her up. No need for actual legal action but a Station ‘Inspector’s talking to’ should do the trick

  13. Offcourse she should be challenged on her racist views disgusting she used her child in this as well what kind of upbringing will she get? Racism is on the rise fuelled by our right wing media time to make examples of these people send out a clear message,racism will not be tolerated in Scotland.1 country many cultures

    1. ‘I couldn’t give a f**k if people don’t like my Tweets’ says she….aye she might be daft but she knows fine what she done and obviously it wasn’t done by mistake. No one is born racist, it has to be learned …a fine example she is setting for her wee girl.
      No Pasaran!

  14. You can’t make her youth as a excuse for racism she had plenty of time to reflect on what she done before posting but she must be a racist to be even thinking like that there no place for racism in our country

  15. She isn’t a young girl she’s old enough to have a child so is old enough to get punished for her tweet. She knew what she was doing, she used a picture of her child to spread hate online. She deserves the same as the same punishment as the man abusing Scott Sinclair got.

  16. Just a girls whos made a mistake on social media,
    The biggots are jumping at her & using it as an excuse & putting up stories like this is adding fuel to the fire

  17. Just a young girl getting in on the hype making a mistake, she should be told by the police but let’s not get silly, the child is innocent and probably doesn’t even know anything about it probably posed for a pic knowing nothing else!

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