Pre-season riot: Thugs clash in city-centre before Rangers vs Wigan friendly

Rangers played English side in a pre-season friendly at Ibrox this afternoon.

Alfredo Morelos scored as Steven Gerrard’s Men ran out 3-0 winners.

But after the game the atmosphere got a bit less friendly between two groups of fans in Glasgow City Centre.

Footage posted online shows gangs of men fight in the street as two police men try to split it up as chairs and bottles are thrown from side to side.

Some of the gang were even wearing face masks synonymous with hooligan and ultra groups.

Sevco and Wigan fans today. Absolute scum of earth once again. Scotland's shame.

Posted by Nick Aballof on Sunday, July 29, 2018

2 thoughts on “Pre-season riot: Thugs clash in city-centre before Rangers vs Wigan friendly”

  1. The best alternative news, sports, politics and comedy site in Scotland. Indeed, if you’re a Yes voting, Celtic supporter.

    You may wish to make it clear which group of casuals are actually fighting there, I will give you a clue it certainly isn’t Rangers.

  2. Discusting behaviour and it only a friendly all those involed should not be allowed back in any football ground

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