Pollok: Abused dog found nearly starved to death in Brockburn Road

A neglected dog found nearly starved to death in a Glasgow house is under veterinary care as the Scottish SPCA and police investigate the owners.

The pet was just resembling a bag of bones when it was found in Pollok in a house that was reportedly like a rubbish tip and home to FOURTEEN other animals including seven cats.

A post on the Facebook page "If you live in Pollok" claimed the abused boxer had been put to sleep, however the Scottish SPCA Facebook page confirmed it was under veterinary care.

Another post on Facebook a couple of days later showed a picture of the dog in a garden with a comment saying she was still alive but in a poor condition and "not out the woods yet".

The post also urged well-wishers to pray to for the dog's recovery.

Pollok locals have been outraged by the shocking pictures that have now gone viral.

Some of the comments on the original post include:

Anni Hamilton: "Hope someone gets a name a feel sick how evil x they deserve to be tortured and a would gladly watch and laugh ,hate cruelty to animals."

Tony O'Dee: "C*nts should be shot in tha face with a cannon"

Isobel Johnson: "dirty b*stards it make my blood boil and my heart break"

An investigation is still under way and we will update with any further information we get to the dog's well-being.

7 thoughts on “Pollok: Abused dog found nearly starved to death in Brockburn Road”

  1. We have been trying to get updates on this dog since the night we made his story viral … would be nice if the sspca could show us a picture as evidence he is deffo still alive .

    1. I’m sure they wouldn’t lie about him being under vetinary care if he was dead. Updating locals is probably the last thing on their mind right now , looking after the poor wee guy and getting the people responsible for this horrific act is probably much higher up in their list.

  2. Surly they would be able to update us by now on how he is doing… saying he is still having vet treatment doesn’t explain anything! I get there’s an investigation but I’m starting to believe the dogs dead and they don’t want to tell us to save them from the upraw… if he is alive they could give us a more detailed update on how he is doing.

  3. It would be nice to know if this poor dog his still alive, this is so bloody cruel what they done to these poor animals should go to prison for a long time for cruelty to these animals bloody Disgraceful.

  4. Ok so is the weapon locked up for this ? As there is more than just what you see as bad as that is he is sick and twisted I think anybody who witnessed this dogs condition and did not act should be locked up .you think if not already this person will harm a child or anything that is voice less or fight back evil scum danger in Abbie way .poor dog zzx

  5. Heartbreaking 💔 need to be some sick people to watch a helpless animal suffer like that 😢 no wonder peoples blood is boiling it’s only human. These people deserve a prison sentence for this!

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