Outrage as Celtic supporters club BANS ‘past or present’ war heroes and veterans

A Celtic supporters club has caused outrage by outragously BANNING war heroes and veterans from previous conflicts.

The Saltmarket CSC from Glasgow made the announcement on social media on the week of remembrance day.

On their official Twitter account they said “Our supporters club is not open to British servicemen, past or present.”

When challenged they elaborated that their supporters club ‘does not welcome “Brits or Ex-Brits on borad our bus”.

The move has caused outrage among fellow fans and opposing fans.

The discussion was started when the Saltmarket CSC refused to let members of the Willie Angus CSC from boarding their bus to an away game.

Willie Angus was a First World War veteran who also played for Celtic but missed out on a potentially top class career to sign up to fight for his country in the first great war.

After the war Angus was awarded the Victorian Cross ‘the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces’ after he voluntarily left his trench to rescue a wounded officer, fellow Carluke man Lieutenant James Martin, who was lying within a few yards of the enemy’s position and had been injured by a mine.

To do this Willie had to travel through 64 metres in no-man’s land under heavy bomb and rifle fire.

He received about 40 wounds, some of them being very serious, including the loss of his left eye.

His commanding officer said there had been no braver deed in the history of the British Army.

Other fans were soon quick to criticise the decision- and the bizarre wording used.

Elvis Paisley tweeted “WTF is an ex-Brit? somebody who supports Brexit?”

On the Saltmarket CSC he said “They haven’t two brain cells to rub together.”

Another angry commentator said “You’re all Brits you banger. Check you’re passport and have a wee cry.”

The Saltmarket CSC have sign made their Twitter page private and have so far refused to confirm if the ban stands.

The Celtic support were criticised earlier this year after a handful of them were videod singing a song about British soldier Lee Rigby during an away trip to Sunderland.

They have also made their feelings about poppies and remembrance day clear in the past with banners and protests.

The club no longer were poppies on their shirts but make an annual £10k donation to the poppy appeal.

9 thoughts on “Outrage as Celtic supporters club BANS ‘past or present’ war heroes and veterans”

  1. Without these veterans and current soldiers you wouldn’t be here you inbred fucking idiots , i’d Be very surprised if there were any non Brits on your bus you fucking clowns

  2. Absolute morons if it wizy 4 brave men going out n fighting 4 this country oxygen theives like uz widny b able 2 spout yer shit if u don’t like the ppl of this country then leave

  3. They play in Scotland making them a British club, and apparently are proud of the fact they were the first Brit club to win the European Cup ? just goes to show how dumb they are ???

  4. They despise Protestants despite the fact, their best Manager and most of their best players have been Protestant. Strange deluded creatures who should be pitied.
    BTW you are as British as the rest of us.

  5. Go and play in the southern Irish football league if you hate where you are , no better than other religious backgrounds in this current world we are in.

  6. I have ex servicemen friends !I server ed myself in the british army NI as well Tyrone and the border a lot of my friends are celtic supporters! A so called best supposed team in scotland !the whole of Europe must know about this I will be posting and letting them know !I went to a mixed school I never knew bigotry till I went to Glasgow! I am ashamed of Celtic supporters saltmarket stance !I hope this goes viral and international to let the world know that the club is not the greatest in the world and if the supporters do not speak out against this then there status is diminished! A lot of Celtic player in past fought for there country thier valour has been diminished !Lawlel is a weak man the green brigade have got him wrapped round thier fingers !be ashamed Celtic FC very ashamed in yourself for not acting against this !r pack your bags and leave our country you a disgrace !

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