Old Firm disgrace as Rangers fans in racism and hooligan shame

Rangers fans have become embroiled in a racism and hooligan storm as today’s old firm game has been over shadowed by shameful scenes off the park.

Fans of the Ibrox club clearly upset at another abject performance by their side have been shamed by a small minority who have displayed thuggish and bigoted behaviour.

One thick-headed fan was seen on sky cameras aiming monkey gestures towards Celtic forward Scott Sinclair after the first goal in scenes that have since went viral and shocked the country.

But he wasn’t the only fan to bring embarrassment on Rangers this afternoon as another couple of counter-parts tried to out do his stupidity.

Another shaven headed thug managed to get on to the pitch where he sought to confront Celtic captain Scott Brown, only to be held back by Leigh Griffiths and the referee.

And the Griffiths himself was the victim as he was hit by a missile thrown from the home support as he continued to terrorise their team on the park.

Celtic ran out 5-1 winners after dominating the game from start to finish to record their biggest ever away victory over their Glasgow rivals.

One highlight was this goal from The Fitbaw Gospel man of the match Leigh Griffiths that made it 2-0 in under 20 minutes.

Posted by Celtic Goals on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Another highlight for the hoops was the fifth goal by fans favourite Mikael Lustig.

The Swedish defender walked by two Rangers defenders before slotting it in bottom corner and seal the record score.

5-1 v them

Posted by Celtic Goals on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lustig was booked for his celebration but I don’t think he, or any of the Celtic fans, will mind much.

What do you think about the Old Firm game and the disgraceful scenes in the Rangers end ?

Let us know in the comments.

22 thoughts on “Old Firm disgrace as Rangers fans in racism and hooligan shame”

  1. The rangers fans continually chant bigoted songs and wreck away grounds , they are a disgrace but all the blame doesnt lie at their door as the sfa and police constantly turn a blind eye and never take action . Something must be done to rid Scotland of this shame !!!

  2. I don’t see any monkey gestures in this video. What did he have to pick up a jersey for did he want it.? Load of rubbish if you ask me. Just wanting to cause trouble if you ask me. I’m not a bigot my man supports Celtic and they were the better team on the day but it is always the same Rangers get the blame for everything.

  3. What is this “old firm” you talk of?

    Serious question. This was a city derby no more no less.

    No guilt by association please

  4. What else do you expect from the shame of Scotland, thick, uneducated, vermin, once again they are outed as they disgrace their club in front of millions, Hail hail

  5. not surprising at all a mob who use child abuse as a point scorer really can’t get much lower best 4 years ever when they died unfortunately the morons who followed the previous team have latched on to sevco 5088

  6. Some of the worst journalism iv ever read! What’s an old firm gam? And it wasn’t the biggest old firm win…..it was the biggest Celtic win at ibrox! Lazy and poorly researched! Not to mention biased!

  7. The ‘old firm’ games should be scrapped! They only serve to give Glasgow, and Glaswegians’ a bad name.
    Some of the Rangers fans, rather like those who follow the Orange Walks, seem to use the occasions to expose their ‘tribul’ predgedisises, in violence towards any ‘other’ aspects of society, whether that be persons or property?

  8. Scottish football will never rid itself of this tyoe of knuckle dragging behaviour until certain fans realise we live in the 21st century and not in 1690 (which incidentally has nothing to do with football anyway!).

  9. Please don’t use the “old firm” tag again.. Celtic stopped using this tag when rangers were liquidated..they are a stand alone club..you can contact Celtic for clarification.

  10. Shocking display from a grown man, but to me the man did look as if he maybe had a few issues, mental health maybe, cant really think of any other reason for that behaviour but sure his carer was next to him at start of game helping him to seat but obviously dont know that for sure

  11. I know Rangers fans in the majority think they can go no further in the mire but this just shows there is the clowns who will do their utmost to destroy the club even further.

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