Muslim boy has throat slit outside Mosque in ‘race hate’ attack on his 15th birthday

A young Muslim boy is in a critical condition after he was attacked outside his local mosque on his 15th birthday.

15-year-old Syed Hassan Abbas had his throat slit and was stabbed in the face after being attacked by an older man in a possible hate-crime.

29-year-old jobless man Dominic Palmer appeared at court today charged with attempted murder.

The teenager had just been dropped off at the place of worship in Birmingham by his father just moments before the attack took place.

His father and brother watched on helplessly as he was brutally attacked within an inch of his life.

Palmer was arrested ten minutes after the attack which locals and Mosque leaders have described as a religiously motivated hate crime.

Police have ruled out terrorism but say they are investigating the possibility of a religiously or racially motivated hate crime.

The boy is still in a coma after being stabbed repeatedly on the face and neck and if he survives could be paralysed down one side of his body.

The area in Birmingham were the attack took place has seen tensions between Muslim sects described as moderate and others on the more extreme side.

One Muslim gang in the area is said to be inspired by terrorist group ISIS and are known to attack moderate shia Muslims outside of their Mosques.

The gang are part of the ultra-conservative Muslim Salafi Movement who have been known to target Shia Muslims.

White Englishman Palmer is thought to be a possible Muslim convert who joined the 'ISIS inspired' gang earlier this year.


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