More football shame: Hearts fan targets Celtic superfan Jay Beatty with sick chants

The father of a young Celtic fan with Downs Syndrome has slammed a sick Hearts fan who targeted the boy in a shocking tweet.

Scottish football has been dogged by sick stunts over the past few months that has been pretty unsavoury even by Scottish football’s pretty low standards.

Scott Sinclair, murdered soldier Lee Rigby, and even Scott Brown’s dead sister have been among targets of sick trolls from both sides of the divide.

But now Hearts have entered the fray as well by targeting young Celtic fan Jay Beatty with a shocking tweet and song.

Jay’s dad Martin posted the offensive tweet, which had been liked 33 times, onto Facebook saying “A perfect day just totally ruined”.

A Perfect day…Just totally ruined…such a disgusting song to sing …Gutted,

Posted by Martin Beatty on Saturday, August 5, 2017

The tweet was wrote by Jambos fan @freddyheron from Edinburgh and said “This is what it means to be Celtic, paedophiles again and you know, wee jay beatty wont see 10 in a row.”

It’s not the first time young Jay has been targeted since he was made Celtic mascot by Neil Lennon and became best friends with Georgios Samaras.

He was the focus of a channel 5 documentary hosted by Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge on Twitter trolls after being targeted online.

He was also targeted on a Rangers fans site earlier this year after an Old Firm clash at Ibrox.



4 thoughts on “More football shame: Hearts fan targets Celtic superfan Jay Beatty with sick chants”

  1. I am a Hibs fan but guys lets not play this game , the guy is clearly a moron but he shames noone but himself he is in no way representative of Hearts or Edinburgh.

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