MAN vs PIGEON: Boy punches pigeon after being tricked into kissing it

Most lad will be out trying pull a bird this weekend, but not many could claim to pull a bird straight out of a duket.

For one Glasgow boy coming face to face with this bird was too good an opportunity to refuse.

Clearly a bit worse for wear he comes round asks the bird he’s just kissed “who’s that”.

Then when he realised it was a pigeon he wasn’t too happy.

But rather than taking out on his pal who put the bird up to it, he took it out on the poor pigeon who was good enough to give him a little peck.

Part 1: who’s that ?

Man vs pigeon… part 1 "who's that" 😂

Posted by NEDwatch on Saturday, April 1, 2017

part 2: domestic violence is never ok

man vs pigeon part 2…. "get it tae fuck or al crack it"

Posted by NEDwatch on Saturday, April 1, 2017

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