‘Love rat’ Novo ‘cheated on model girlfriend with 20-year-old’

Rangers legend Nacho Novo has been accused of being an alcoholic love-rat who lied to and beat his gorgeous model girlfriend.

The Spaniard also drives when drunk, steals from people and owes money to gangsters according the explosive accusations from his now ex-girlfriend Stephanie Heaney.

In the posts made to her Facebook and Instagram accounts the stunning 34-year-old claims she tried to kill herself after the former Ibrox star's sleazy antics came to light.

After finding messages to a girl on his Apple Watch just days after the couple spent New Year together she decided to expose the 40-year-old who she slammed as penniless and manipulative.

Stunning: Novo's now ex girlfriend Stephanie Heaney.

Since posting the claims on Friday night Heaney, who models for Superior Model Management, has been on the receiving end of abuse from Novo's fans who have branded her a "liar" and "money grabber".

In now deleted posts made to his Instagram account Novo called Heaney a "cow" and a "Celtic fan" and blamed her for abusive messages he has been getting from her angry supporters.

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