Kevin Bridges absolutely destroyed a Twitter troll with one epic comeback

When it comes to comedy and witty patter they don’t come much better than stand-up comedian Kevin Bridges.

So it probably wasn’t the wisest move by twitter troll to try and out-banter the comedy king.

It all started with a fairly harmless and generic tweet by Bridges about the former Hearts manager Ian Cathro who had just been sacked.

He pointed out that Cathro, famed for always carrying a laptop, should just reset the laptop and start all over again.

Not his funniest joke but pretty harmless.

But Ando Hugh decided to have a pop in a public forum claiming that Bridges has had 24 hours to come up with a joke but ended up using an old one that ‘has been made every day for 9 months’..

But he must have regretted it instantly when Kev replied with the Glasgow classic yer maw line.

He told ‘mate yer maw took 9 months to up with a joke…’ referring to amount of time she spent pregnant.

Kev’s reply got 4.8k likes and 1.3k retweets.

To be fair to Ando he took it well, replying: ‘I’ll give you that one.”

And to be fair to Kev he liked the guy’s reply.

So all went home happy and no blood was spilled.

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