Kelvingrove chaos: Two teenagers stabbed and ‘umpteen’ injured after park riot

Scores of police have shut down Kelvingrove Park this afternoon after a reported riot lead to two stabbings and multiple injuries.

Helicopters and teams of uniformed officers are still at the scene and witnesses say that two teenage boys were stabbed with one being taken away in an ambulance with his friends in tears.

It is believed the fight started off when two gangs of neds from rival areas started fighting- but it quickly turned into an all out riot with bottles and bricks flying through the air.

At least another two people were bottled during the incident with others seen with blood pouring from their head.

One girl who asked not to be named told the Glasgow Gospel: “It was a brilliant atmosphere all day until a gang of rowdy neds from the southside showed and started causing trouble.

“When one group of boys stood up to them it all kicked off and a young boy was stabbed, he looked in a really bad way, people were in tears as he was getting taken away by the ambulance.”

Another boy who attended the park said: “The park is swarming with cops and a copter is flying low overhead.

“A dog walker said two people were stabbed and “umpteen bottled” – hope it wasn’t as bad as that but there’s a lot of sirens nearby.”

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