Insta Creep: Dundee stalker recreates hundreds of Glasgow student’s Insta posts

A Glasgow student at Dundee University is being stalked by an obsessed creep who re-creates every one of her Instagram posts.

The stalker has been posting almost identical pictures on the social media platform for a year now, wearing identical or similar clothes, same hairstyle and even the same captions posted by Chloe Cowan.

In some pics she was even stood at the exact same spot sometimes only hours later – and even re-created pics from a memorial album of Chloo’s late father.

The stunning brunette never even realised the copy-cat obsessive was tracking her every move until this week and is now said to be living in fear and worried about what else and how much she knows about her.

Her older sister Linzi took to Facebook to warn other girls of the dangers of Facebook.

The stalker even copied her Halloween outfit when she dressed up as one of the three blind mice….

The warped look-alike even had her hair done the same and wore the same expensive red dress to her halfway ball.

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