Idiot Celtic fan spends months abusing wrong guy he thinks is Rangers’ Kenny Miller

A Celtic fan has spent the last few months verbally abusing a man he believed to be Rangers striker Kenny Miller.

The dedicated fan keeps throwing abuse at SFA media director Kenny Millar despite the spelling being different, the picture being different and the guy telling him that he is not the Rangers player.

The abuse started off in December and continued right through until this week.

He bizarrely started off the conversation by asking Millar if he watched Peaky Blinders at 4in the morning. But when he never got a reply after a few hours he called him Judas.

Even after Mr Millar pointed that he was not Mr Miller the abuse continued “we will pump you on Saturday pal.” before apologising but forgetting again and saying “You should never have signed for them” in a reference to Millers 18 month spell at Celtic in 2005/6.

Millar posted the conversation on Twitter saying Cant question the guys relentless commitment to abusing the wrong person.

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