Hit or Miss?: The blonde 23-year-old teacher CAUGHT shagg*ng her teenage pupil

Remember your teachers at school? Think back if you can and picture them in your head for a minute.

Now meet Tayler- Also known as Miss Boncal- the hot 23-year-old who just started working as a student History teacher and track coach at Conard High School six months ago.

Sexy beach: How many of your old teachers could pull off this look?

As well as teaching her class about the Civil War and The Nazis it turned out the sexy blonde was teaching the boys a couple of other things as well…

Tayler, who is a legendary figure at Conrad high and was one of the best sprinters for her age in the whole of America, has been having regular sex sessions with a teenage pupil.

Cute: Tayler has been described as “loveable” and “beautiful” by the victim’s parents.

Just yesterday she just handed herself in to police after an angry (or jealous) parent reported that she had been in a relationship with the 18-year-old.

Despite their only being a 5-year age gap between the two Tayler was arrested and left lingering behind bars and now faces a tripe charge of sexual assault.

Popular: The champion sprinter is held up as a role model at the school

The petit and popular blonde was thrown in a dingy police cell for 48 hours for what is, by all accounts, a victimless crime.

Even the boys the parents have defended Miss Boncal saying the couple are madly in love each other.

Her toyboy boyfriend is said to be incosolable at her treatment by police and school authorities.

What do you think? Does she deserve the jail for being in a loving and consenting relationship? Or should she be allowed to continue in a position of power despite ‘taking advantage’ of a young pupil?

Let us know what you think in the comments.








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