Govanhill: Watch shocking cat-fight as Roma women fight locals in street with kids screaming in backround

A group of women have been filmed having a brawl in the middle of a busy Glasgow street as their children scream in the background.

Two women, who appear to be Eastern European and believed to be of Romanian, are filmed beating a third woman to the ground as a bag of messages lay scattered across the ground.

The fight took place on Allison Street in Govanhill.

Four children, also believed to be Romanian, stand screaming in the background with one young boy even aiming a kick at the woman on the ground.

A group of women then appear from across the road in a bid to split the fight up, but as the Romanian women are leaving the woman who was on the ground tries to take a boot at one of the Romanian before attempting to rip her skirt off and throwing a shoe in her direction.

Govanhill has a larger immigrant community than anywhere else in the country and has always been a multi cultural community.

But sadly with the grinding poverty and years of neglect in the area it has become known as Glasgow's biggest ghetto.

It has become a place known as a wasteland of poor immigrants and natives with drink and drug problems.

And the Roma community are the current bogey man in the area and are the victim of daily abuse and discrimination.

Before them it was the Poles, for years before them it was the Asians and Muslims and going away back to 50s and 60s it was the Irish community that was the main target for abuse and blame for the locals troubles.

Govanhill has been blighted by crimes and deterioration for years and have recently had cases of grooming gangs and child prostitution in the area.

It also has a higher average than Glasgow for sexual assaults, rapes, prostitution and robberies.

WELCOME TO GOVANHILLThis street in govanhill ALLISON st & the surrounding streets are covered by CCTV hi - tech no...

Posted by Saeed Sarwar on Thursday, September 28, 2017

6 thoughts on “Govanhill: Watch shocking cat-fight as Roma women fight locals in street with kids screaming in backround”

  1. two Eastern Europeans attacking a local and a child kicking her when she s on the ground !!!Yes the locals are all ” Racist” dnt thinkso

  2. Scotland will pay dearly for their tolerance of evil people polluting their great country. As the caption says…. slave trafficking rings , murders , rapes & sexual assaults have all been committed & lots of ASBO behaviour like you see in this VIDEO

  3. Haha, my God, yet again my beloved country is in the gutter, with mad Euro skanks boxing!!! Wits Scotland coming tae???

  4. The Roma gypsies are not victims! They come from slums and have no respect for themselves or others and have no intention of integrating or contributing to society. This is why Brexit is upon us, because of cultures moving to citys like Glasgow. We did not ask for these people nor do we want them so send them home. Oh and this is in Nicola sturgeons constituancy.

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