Gorbals: Racist gang of neds attack Asian shopkeepers before smashing up expensive car

Two videos have surfaced online showing an Asian shopkeeper being attacked by a gang of racist neds in The Gorbals.

In one video leaked CCTV footage from the shop shows the vile gang storm the shop before they start throwing goods about the shop and attacking staff.

At one point they target one man and around 12 of the neds jump in to get their own hits in.

During the attack they were reportedly shouting vile racist insult like ‘p*ki’ and ‘n***er’ and telling the staff to ‘get out of the Gorbals’.

Youth Racist Attack In Gorbals Shop! (Glasgow, Scotland)

Same group of idiots in the gorbals, glasgow, that smashed up the red are in the previous video upload. (View videos of smashing car here: https://www.facebook.com/BSFvideos/videos/383279292168800/)

Posted by BSF Videos on Friday, June 1, 2018

In the second video it shows the same gang smash the shop owners car before running away shouting racist slogans such as “n****ers.”

Wee bastards in the gorbals !!!!!!! Look at the size of them as well 😳 I would honestly murder them 🙄 probs because he's knocked them back in the shop for booze !!! What a beautiful car as well I pass it everyday 😭 you'd be devastated 😕

Posted by Janey Ferguson on Thursday, May 31, 2018

The same gang are said to have attacked two young females later on that night.

One girl said: “The same group of boys chased me and friend on Thursday night.

“They were all drunk and surrounded us before pushing my friend to the ground, it was scary.”

Another local resident said: “In the last few years it was looking like the gangs and fighting and stabbings were happening less and less often.

“But these days it is worse than ever again, its the same group of 14 and 15 year olds causing all the trouble and they are going to end up killing someone.

“The people that run the shop are lovely people and don’t deserve that.”

But one woman amazingly tried to defend one of the boys saying:  “His mum died a couple of months back.

“Wee boy has serious issues, no that that justifies his behaviour but the authorities and services need to be helping him, he just gets worse as he gets older.

“He’s a wee boy wi nae fear and that is dangerous”

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