Glaswegians chase Nazis off city streets after clashes at anti-Muslim demo

A group of Nazi thugs have been chased out of Glasgow after violent clashes at an anti-Muslim march in the city-centre.

Around 100 white supremacists and Islamophobes turned up at the demo organised by far-right nationalist group the Scottish Defence League who were hopeful of cashing in on the sudden rise in support for new ‘alt-right’ cult-hero Tommy Robinson that has seen thousands march in the streets of England in the name of ‘free speech’.

But instead they were met by around 1000 anti-fascists, and ordinary people going about their business, who literally chased the nazis down the street after a string of violent clashes.

Earlier in the day the group of (mostly) bald men were seen shouting abuse at ethnic minorities and anyone who looked foreign after congregating in a Glasgow pub near Central Station.

A group of young men then aggressively approached the nazis after they were seen bullying a Muslim woman in a head-dress with two children.

Hundreds of anti-fascists then forced the demo back before coming out on top after several violent clashes.

Both sides then clashed with police after an apparent smoke-bomb was thrown at a police van.

A chunk of the far-right group were then ‘kettled’ by officers after being chased down a lane as chaos brought Glasgow’s streets to a standstill.

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