GIFFNOCK: Residents rage that new Lidl will ‘attract thugs, junkies, single mothers, thieves and benefit cheats’ to the ‘prestigious’ area

Giffnock residents raging that a new discount shopping store is being built in the area rather than an expected Marks and Spencers.

The fact an Lidl store is being built in the affluent suburb on the outskirts of Glasgow has brought fears that the area will soon be swarming with benefit cheats, single mothers, thieves, drug takers and violent thugs.

One woman even went as far to call it a “sad, sad day” and claim that the cut price groceries will attract the ‘degenerates of society’.

Cate Simmons from Giffnock said: “This is disgraceful news, The opening of this store will bring down the tone of the whole area.

“I am disappointed that M&S have not followed up with their initial interest…. perhaps locals should have lobbied  them, it’s a sad sad day for Giffnock”

Cate Simmons from Giffnock:

Another worried Giffnock resident, Ann Lomont, said: “You have to ask yourself what kind of people need their food to be so cheap? Drug takers, wasters and the unemployable no doubt. Not the type of people we need around here.”

Andrew Kilpatrick then chimed in by saying “There is no demand for a Lidl in Giffnock, it is only going to attract the vermin that do not belong here.”

The Ms Simmons continued by saying: “The cheap food and cheap alcohol will attract the degenerates of society, I know they need to shop somewhere but I never seen benefit cheats and single mothers take their feral brood flock to Wholefoods.

“Discount stores may save you pounds on your shopping but you could lose a lot more at the front door or are attacked.”

The comments came under the Facebook post of a Glasgow Live article revealing the Lidl plans.

Some comments have now been removed but had already been captured in hundreds of screenshots by shocked Glaswegians including Cat Caldwell who posted it on Facebook.

She said: “Posh w*nks from Giffnock finding out there’s a Lidl opening is the best thing on the internet today.”

Posh wanks from Giffnock finding out there's a Lidl opening where whole foods used to be is the best thing on the internet today ahahahaha ?????

Posted by Cat Caldwell on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

15 thoughts on “GIFFNOCK: Residents rage that new Lidl will ‘attract thugs, junkies, single mothers, thieves and benefit cheats’ to the ‘prestigious’ area”

  1. I cannot believe anyone would believe they are so above themselves! Giffnocknis not such an affluent area as they think and I shop in Lidl and Aldi as well as M&S and I’m not vermin, I’m not a drug addict or homeless and most certainly am not a degenerate! These residents need to have a good look at themselves and hang heads in shame at their deluded comments especially Cate Simmons !

  2. Cate Simmons
    Ann Lamont
    Andrew Kilpatrick
    How low life and scummy can anyone be. You proved yourselves as horrid people with those comments…bet your family must be so proud of you arrogant snobby and downright rude folk! Never felt so angry and giffnock doesn’t deserve you as residents. Your lowering standards of the area with those attitudes!

  3. Oh you poor giffnock folk I actually know a giffnock stuck up boot who shops in Lidl & puts her messages in marks n sparks bags probably all shop there but don’t want your snobby neighbours seeing you in there

  4. Get a grip. Do you think Giffnock is something special. Omg Giffnock has more buy to let houses than most parts of Glasgow. .It’s a disgrace people thinking that Giffnock is something special..

  5. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people from giffnock going to Lidl in other areas, sporting there M&S bags to make it look that’s where they were shopping. I’m a castlemilk man that shops in Morrisons , Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and even M&S just depends on what supermarket is near me at the time I decide to shop for food. So does it make me vermin cause I’m from castlemilk? I don’t think so!!!! All the snobbs want to take a long hard look at themselves and remember it’s us very vermin that builds they’re houses and fix they’re drains and what not. Get a life!!!

  6. Somebody should tell that stuck up twat that the “posh biscuits” shes eating is actually the same biscuits made by mcvities for both Lidl and M&S only in different wrappers!!!

  7. What disgusting people must live there to come out with such vile comments,obviously they’re not as classy as they think they are,bet they will shop there themselves and put their shopping in M&S bags,

  8. What is wrong with single mothers they are just the same as everyone else and should be aloud to shop were they want as I am a single mother

  9. Get over yourselves in giffnock .. jeso so only people who are less fortunate that yourselves shop at Lidl… !! There’s good in the worst of us and bad in the best of us.. and it doesn’t do for some of us to talk about the rest of us … Hope the store thrives in giffnock ?

  10. These comments are disgusting and show what is wrong with today’s society! So many people are under or on the bread line when the work full time and work hard! I’m a professional student and my husband is a professional. We shop on lidl and aldi because there is good choice and the food actually taste better than places like marks and spencers! I’d rather shop with the so called ‘rid-raf’ thanks these arrogant selfish sub-humans

  11. As I said on another page, they are afraid that their neighbours see them. They probably already shop in these stores miles away and put it all in Waitrose and M&S bags so neighbours think that’s where they shop. They forget we are all Jock Tamsons bairns. We all eat food and we all shit it out in exactly the same way. It’s about time these ignorant folk grew up.

  12. These people are sad they’ll be buying their groceries from Lidl and Aldi at Pollokshaws only going into Waitrose to buy a plastic bag The food in Lidl is the same as any other store just a little bit cheaper.

  13. Some of the language used by some of the Giffnock residents is absolutely disgusting, to call people vermin and scum is showing those people ignorance and down right snobbery. A case of NIMBY, not in my back yard ?

  14. Lidl is a great shop I am neither a junkie nor unemployable an a pensioner and shop at it when I can but also shop at Asda , Morrisons Aldi , Sainsbury’s So the people of Giffnock should get a life and grow up

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