Germiston: Man with special needs slashed and stabbed 43 times

Two sick teenage thugs attacked a man with special needs in Glasgow leaving him with 30 stab wounds.

The man was also slashed 14 times in the incident, according to Facebook page No1seems2care.

The 58 year old man also now has a punctured eye socket and broken nose.
It happened when two teenagers came to the man's door and asked if they could come in.

When he said no they set about him brutally with knives and other items.

It is believed to have happened on Friday night.

❗shocking poor man ❗Two 17 year olds did this to a helpless 58year old man with special needs in Germiston Glasgow.14...

Posted by No1seems2care on Saturday, March 16, 2019

1 thought on “Germiston: Man with special needs slashed and stabbed 43 times”

  1. Poor man I hope he heals quickly !. An karma comes swiftly to the teenagers who have done this !. Absolutely shocking trying to take advantage of him in the first place let alone what they done because the poor guy said no !.

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