Former Celtic casual calls out Tommy Robinson for ‘discussion’ after threats towards cousin

An infamous former Celtic casual has called out Tommy Robinson after the former EDL leader put out a reward to get the identification of a family member.

John O’Kane was the leader of The Celtic Soccer Crew in the late 80’s and early 90’s when the hooligan group were at their most active.

He has recently appeared in various documentaries about Old Firm violence including this on Vice.

He has called out the right wing rabble rouser with a Facebook post after hearing the Englishman had put out a reward to anyone who can name the boys in the now infamous Lee Rigby song video.

A group of Celtic fans filmed themselves singing an offensive song mocking the soldier’s murder at the hands of an Islamic extremist as ‘revenge’ for actions of the British Army abroad.

It turns out one of the Celtic fans in the video are related to O’Kane who has took offence to Robinson’s Twitter post and offer of a reward.

And he himself has put an offer to Robinson, himself also a former casual with Luton Town, to come to his house to discuss the matter.

He said he will give Robinson a choice of two phone numbers… his mammy or The Royal.


Tommy Robinson also got involved with Celtic fans in Sunderland, using his platform to goad supporters on Twitter before hiding out in a shop when trouble kicked off.

Celtic fans ambushed the shop with women and children inside by breaking windows and throwing a flare inside.

This angered a group of locals there to see Robinson and they started to fight with the Celtic fans.

One young Celtic fan ended up being hit with a baseball bat by one of Robinson’s gang.

Once the police arrived and most Celtic fans had disappeared Robinson appeared again and started to film the young boy lying unconscious.

He took specific delight in the fact the boy was lying on a Union Jack pillow with his Celtic top on.

On Twitter he described it as ‘proper nonce behaviour’.

You can watch the video of the fight and Robinson’s reaction here.


50 thoughts on “Former Celtic casual calls out Tommy Robinson for ‘discussion’ after threats towards cousin”

  1. Come on Tommy!! Glasgow is waiting, we all know you’ll not bother as anytime you or your daft wee pals are in town they are soon on their toes. DBC

  2. O’kane is a joke he should be ashamed of his relative for singing about Rigby a real soldier not a wannabe calling himself a hooligan

  3. Celtic fans being made out to b the victims by the sounds of it here. The “young boy” as it’s put here went oot his way looking for bother. Wee shame he got a doing eh? And it was sunderland fans no 1 of “Robinson’s gang”

  4. If it wasn’t such a serious matter and an insult to Lee Rigby’s family, you’d laugh. O’Kane ? Seriously? Piece of rancid vhermin, end of. Oh , and he runs away too.

  5. O’Kane was a laughing stock among all the Rangers boys back in the day. Always pulling knives out and then taking a kicking for doing so. He couldn’t fight sleep.

    1. Haha I would love to be there ya English shite bag , go rinse your mouth full of shite , sponsored by pampers ya arse bandit

    2. We’ve had many friendlies with Liverpool. Get along well with our Irish Republic of England buddies. Confused tracky tramp

  6. that is one of the most twisted articles i’ve read, the celtic fans threw flares into a shop with women and kids in, then they ran off and one got flattened and rested his head on a union jack pillow. Plenty that you conveniently missed out.

  7. Away to bed okane??? tattie picking bead rattling clown of a guy anything for a bit a fame ….. Ur past it shitbag!!

  8. Daft cunt better have a big front room cause I reckon theres a few lads who’d love an invite to discuss his cousins disgusting behavior chanting abuse about a dead soldier pure fucking scum hope you get an English team in Europe cause you can guarantee theres a warm welcome waiting you

    1. I’m Celtic! And the little cunts are a disgrace to the club. I’m ashamed to associated with them! It is not a true reflection on their supporters.

  9. I call out okane to come to sunderland … b a man no weapons
    Bare knuckle fight
    No tommy
    No bobody
    No baldy nonse

  10. Lee rigby fought for this country and got murdered by Islamic scum any body who agrees with that act should not be in this country they are also scum, so if you don’t like this country fxxx off out of it

    1. No one fights for their country you fool…Lee Rigby was used as cannon fodder by a government so corrupt they bomb, rape, murder and pillage middle eastern Islamic countries in the name of “terrorism…You likely voted in the politicians who are bombing these places and are now bleating like a freshly kicked Chihuahua about why these (immigrants) are coming to the British Isles to kill and bomb Britain. Would you not do the same if someone took everything you had?.. don’t forget, these same politicians opened the doors to the migrants whose families were murdered by the British Army/ American occupations. You are ruled by psychopaths who own the banks and the media, they start wars and fund both sides for PROFIT!!!…Not only that, they have manufactured your consent through ‘propaganda’ using the media that they own..You don’t have an ounce of intelligence to see it for what it is…You sir, need to educate yourself instead of scribbling down your brain drool and contaminating the internet with it…

      1. Well said Lu Cypher, Governments are the real terrorists !! As for the football casuals!? Is it not about time you all grew up?? The Celtic and Rangers religious thing will never die unless you actually understand each other’s religions. It’s only a game of football !!
        The guy Robinson seems to like publicity but is entitled to his opinion; although they always seem biased against certain faiths .If you go way back In time you’ll probably find most of Britain is made up from immigrants. The news is a government’s biggest weapon , just who has the right to lay down the rules? Invading Iraq, Afghanistan , for what? Weapons of mass destruction? Oil perhaps? At the end of it all there’s going to be innocent civilians dying aswell as soldiers.
        So before you start criticising what you don’t understand, open your eyes…the Government loves mass hysteria. Just look at the comments posted here everybody arguing, name calling, religious hatred,fighting……..says it all.

  11. what a bunch of kids on this a celtic supporter and go to football to watch my team .we all have arse hole supporters at our clubs who go to football to watch our teams and only go to cause trouble the majority of real celtic fans are disgusted with these so called celtic fans who chanted about lee rigby. .our chief executive will have these people banned soon for the good of our for Tommy Robinson go look for the real reason he chucked the edl .if you look you will find it let’s just say frightened rabbit.

  12. Wow the english on here are keyboard gangsters, the english are known worldwide to take a kickin everywhere they travel in europe just like the rangers fans….

    Liverpool fans haha, stick to robbing grannies and the weak your thieving cunts….

    Some stupid english cunts batter wee boys and all of a sudden your all hard, hows the russian footprints, they came off your head yet?

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